These George Costanza GIFs Are LIFE

  • 1

    When something finally works for you

    gif george seinfeld throwing arms in air finally my stupidity pays off
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  • 2

    How the universe repays you when you try to exercise

    gif george costanza wearing blue clothes on exercise machine getting sucked into it
  • 3

    Any time something doesn't go your way

    gif george costanza and jerry sienfeld sitting in cafe george is getting upset
  • 4

    When the sun shines through the clouds for 0.5 seconds

    george costanza on red velvet couch in underwear rips off his singlet and lies back on couch
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  • 5

    13 year old girls doing photo shoots be like

    george costanza reclining on red lounge without shirt and kramer standing above him taking photos with camera as george lifts hand like claw and says rawr
  • 6

    When someone asks you why you're so weird

    george costanza lying in bed with woman shrugging i dont know
  • 7

    When someone mentions bad vibes near a hippie

    george and jerry outside at cafe george whacking air for bee that is bothering him get away
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  • 8

    Your response to everyone working out and making bread during quarantine

    george costanza sitting at table in diner wearing coat looking sarcastic saying aren't you something
  • 9

    When someone asks you for relationship advice

    george costanza and jerry seinfeld sitting at a table in a diner george talking i know less about women than anyone in the world
  • 10

    When you consider having a second breakfast

    george costanza and jerry seinfeld sitting at table in diner george holds ketchup bottle accidentally squeezes it and looks shocked


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