Women Show Off Their Hugely Discounted Wedding Dresses

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    "Dress was $170 on Etsy, cape veil was $170 on Etsy, alterations were $170! Very excited for our small Airbnb wedding."

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    "$30 Salvation Army find! Fits like a glove, already altered to a 32” rib cage and has the breast pads and perfect length. Either the previous bride was my exact size or this was made for me."

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    "Can't help but share my excitement over my dress. It is a new Martina Liana (#942) in champagne and ivory that I found via Poshmark for $500 total (3k retail). Could not have asked for more. I am in love with it!"

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    "Dress was $100, veil was $10, earrings were $2, flowers were $25. I think I pulled it off well!"

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    "I said yes to a hail Mary of a dress after almost losing hope, and I love it! 99 dollars."

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    "Bought a dress for $94 on Amazon."

    Gown - सस्सरद्सरक्स ८ LALTOND SLORE
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    “It was originally $154, was on clearance for $56, it was 50% off all clearance today, and I had $10 off for my birthday and another $10 off for shopping... So after all that, this dress, which is what I was looking for and fits perfectly, was $9! We’re j

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    "My $70 wedding dress! (Thrift shop score)"

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    "Here is my $92 dress from Amazon and my homemade bouquet."

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    "Found my dress at a local thrift store for $65."

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    "$200, thrifted/vintage, and fits perfectly! Couldn’t have designed a more “me” dress!"

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    "I said yes to the dress... and to 87% off! Bought in a sample sale - so happy!"

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