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Super Smash Bros Mele Turns 15

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    Mele's continued success represents more than just the game itself, it hails back to an era in gaming where games weren't released half baked, only to be constantly updated by patches to fix broken code and to force changes in meta (looking at you League of Legends).

    Games were a finished product, free from subscriptions, paid content, and micro transactions.

    I can pick up mele today and still have the same knowledge and skill basis that I had when I last played it, I can still use the same techniques I started developing 15 years ago. When I go to play League of Legends, which I quit playing last year, it's an entirely different game.

    In terms of esports this is significant if esports want to reach long-lasting legitimacy, because god knows sports like baseball and soccer haven't been reinvented every year.
    Mele, you are a gold standard. Here's to another 15 years.


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