People Reveal The Reasons They Dumped Their Ex

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    Text - He had to consult his twin sister bef ore we could make any decisions. He always took her side. It was so annoying and unattractive whisper
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    Lip - He had a set reminder on his phone to brush his teeth and he stil barely did. SO GROSS. whisper
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    Text - dumped this dude for being totally obsessed with his car. To the point where he'd whine about being broke, then buy some stupid new gadgets For his car. He was to cheap to do ANYTHING with me whisper
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    Product - lonce broke it off because he'dalways send smiley emojis when we texted, and Ihated it. whisper NOTAEN COLORSURST
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    Text - Ifeel bad but, Ibroke up with him because he badbraces and it hurt to kiss him Ididht care how they boked though! LOL whisper
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    Text - It was cute at first that he could quote his favorite movies from heart, but when he didn't know what to say during serious moments -he quoted f«movies EVERYTİME and it stopped being cute. whisper
  • 7
    Text - My exsaid he loved me after 3 weeks.he had to go! whisper
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    Text - Call me petty but he was a bad texter. He displayed no emotions and also took hours, i not days, toget back to me.Ihave no shame on the fact Idumped him For that reason Communication is keu! Nie end-power s hang out! es! We neea Gent o ha in Dolores V B whisper
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    Text - "WhenIfirst met you, thought you were aboy andljust wanted to make sure you werent. My ex told me this A MONTH into dating mel dumped him on the spot. whisper
  • 10
    Text - Icouldn't handle how much he sweated. Couldn't make out or be intimate without getting covered in sweat. It really grossed me out. whisper
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  • 11
    Text - She was horrible in bed, rand gave me consistent yeast infections because she wouldn't take care of hers. whisper
  • 12
    Text - He was a HORRIBLE kisser. Itho ught he was playing at First, but then it pissed me off. He always slobbered on my face shoved his A tongue down my throat, made too much noise & sucked my face whisper
  • 13
    Text - She was bad at cuddling. That is a HUGE deal breaker for me. I love to-cuddle! Plus, it's not that hard! How are you bad at this!? whisper
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    Text - He refused to lookup words for fear of oking stupitl but used themincorrectly instead. Sometimesl wuld privately tell him so and he would gell at me for talking down to him. Couldht deal whisper
  • 15
    Text - She got mad at me for losing weight even though Inever tried pressuring her into eating healthy or working out with me. So ridiculous. I prefer my health over toxic people! whisper


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