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'F*ck Konami' Guillermo Del Toro Tweets Following Kojima's 'Death Stranding' Reveal

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    The Trailer

    In case you missed it here is the trailer for 'Death Stranding', revealed at the Video Game Awards last night. Because of the ordeal between Kojima and Konami, the phrase 'fuck Konami' has been a common sentiment among gamers, which makes the love for Kojima's game even more sweet.

    Del Toro revealed his very outspoken feelings this morning with a simple statement:
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    Del Toro and Kojima have collaborated in the past, on a 'Silent Hill' game that was abruptly cancelled by Konami. So it's safe to say that Del Toro is not a fan and is squarely in camp Kojima.
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    It seems Kojima is intent on featuring his friends in his game. We're beyond excited to see the terrifying Mads Mikkelsen in this trailer.

    This isn't the first time that Kojima's friends have rallied to his side on the Kojima vs. Konami debate. Norman Reedus, who was the star of the cancelled Silent Hill game and stars in the teaser trailer of 'Death Stranding' famously posted this photoshop on his instagram:
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    From Norman Reedus' Instagram

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