Tumblr Thread: Math Is Real Hard For Some Folks

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    Text - just-shower-thoughts ... S lovesickvampire-x Follow just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an "e" in it. savvygooner violetnpurple LISTEN- shesfromsaturn
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    Text - Not all of them. 30 and 50 aren't spelled with the letter e in it .. antiandrogen teamnowalls father god abrown16 ..if you can split a number in half evenly, it's even. 30 and 50 are odd. antiandrogen
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    Text - singingnightowl (15+15=30 25+25=30) britteryikes 25+25 = 30? %3D You sure about that?? laurdlannister-kingslayer Lord have mercy..
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    Face - KUTastmpar Bye mf-johnson 3 days into 2018 smh kwantsu LMAO000000 effigyofubiquity
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    Text - One Three Five Nine And since everything else after that is a variant of these numbers, then all odds have the letter 'E. britteryikes YOU FORGOT SEVEN! thxrsdxy
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    Face - It keeps getting worse. e-wifey LMAO0O WHAT IS GOING ON ellsworthej
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    Text - goldensweetcheeks My head hurts... lordhams This is why that Tumblr University shit was the dumbest idea ever just look at this drankinwatahmelin who failed yall? microtear IM SCREAMING lukestarkillerisgay
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    Face - we're gonna die here What it's like calculating the tip when you are gay and also super dumb and don't know math 211K views 7K 85 Share Save Add to hey-hey-shutthefuckup You whole ass forgot about eight - a number with an e and is pretty fucking even shaolinbynature why would 8 be brought up if it's EVEN in a post about ODDS??????? the post said "every single ODD number has an 'e' in it" not "every single number with an 'e' is odd" what the fuck
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    Text - emma-d-klutz 3 days until 2019 and we're still here legowerewolf happy New year's eve prguitarman I'm going to bring this flaming dumpster into 2019 so future generations can see what a mistake Tumblr was
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    Text - Er, guys two is odd and doesn't have an e. Just saying... daddyhyperion did you deadass just try to tell me two is odd? i'm fucking crying throw the whole website away stvckyslvt Reblogging for the last one! kitsumekat The one thing I notice is that no matter how much you want to throw this site away, you just can't. awkwardintrovert2004 TWO IS ODD?!?! PFFFTT I'M SCREAMING cyberduckshark Wait what about zero that's an odd
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    Text - daddyhyperion GIF by danks-gif mysticalpoodle ok but hear me out fifty and thirty make up for the fact they have no e by the way they are pronounces third-E fifth-E im-an-aesthetic-mess bro why do 30 and 50 matter THEY'RE FUCKING EVEN katatles-the-fish
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    Text - what the actual fuck is happening emo-scooby-snack-loving-giant 1 is an even number andy-the-anon I'm gonna smack you insert-gay- in-queer -30 and -50 have an e in them kurlyfryz Wait why are we so quick to throw away the Zero idea anachronistic-cat Zero isn't a number kurlyfryz It can't be divided by two though, can it
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    Cartoon - toaster-120 It can??? 0/2=0?? kurlyfryz Me By Dumb I'm a Bitch baconaxolotl101 OD NUMBERS
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    Text - onE thrEE fivE SEVEN ninE yeetkey OD numbers huh? the-kleptomancer Anything that ends with a 0,2,4,6,8 is even and the rest is odd (1,3,7,9) stop freaking out y'al| yeetkey YOU FORGOT 5 ozzy-pawsbone-prince-of-barkness DUDE WHAT ABOUT FOUR
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    Text - yeetkey What about it????? ozzy-pawsbone-prince-of-barkness THAT DOESN'T HAVE E IN IT yeetkey THAT'S BECAUSE IT’S EVEN????? suspicious-sweaters AREYOUGUYSOKAY getinthehandbasket 21 days away from 2020, folks. m-pennanti Please tell me I can start the new freaking decade with a post arguing about something as
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    Text - stupid as this. Please. AFAB nerdy-as-heck This is art at its finest hey-there-princey one week to 2020 dudes suicidal-ginny I'm so done theartistformerlyknownasmma Im so upset that even with all the "zero is odd" "no it's not" stuff no one bothered to point out... It doesn't matter. Zero, 0, zEro thegreenpea But zero isn't odd. It's fucking the lack of a number. It's neutral. It's empty. There's nothing there
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    Text - kayas-wife Zero is a number. A definition of an even number is that it can be divided by 2 and the result is a whole number. Since you cannot divide zero, you cant divide it by 2 and that means that zero is an odd number. zEro, onE, thrEE, fivE, SEVEN, ninE, EIEven, and then the suffix -teen and every other odd number in english contains the names of the numbers 1 to 9. endertrender zero is not a goddamn odd number what. even i know that and i'm not good at math. also you can divide O by
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    Text - even.html Quote from this one * So, technically, [zero] is even. In fact, it is the most even number there is." also does anybody on here ever look anything up or? this is making my brain physically hurt. christ. mynameismichealwithab NO. NO FUCK YOU ALL WE ARE NOT BRINGING THIS SHIT INTO 2020. WHOEVER BROUGHT THIS BACK DID IT ON PURPOSE AND I WILL FUCKING HUNT YOU DOWN FOR SPORT FUCK YOU. FUCK THIS.
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    Text - bring-us-a-rat This post was an absolute train wreck and l'm cursing my followers with it eds-my-love Damn you only-a-spoon-full "Anyone can do math, even gay people" Bitch, are you sure??? qackydontus This post is amazing. The Chaos is pleased. yoshiyoshikage-tira-munchakoopas Is this fucking number discourse qackydontus Do you hawe an issue
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    Text - with that? yoshiyoshikage-tira-munchakoopas No but just out of all the things it's about numbers Just that it's weird is all qackydontus The internet is weird, you should be used to that by now. yoshiyoshikage-tira-munchakoopas Yeah that's true At least the cum soup post was less weird than this gecko-lizzard Uhh l'm sorry the what yoshiyoshikage-tira-munchakoopas
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    Text - You can turn back now a-bisexual-teenager Please why did I have to see this post I had midterms today and my brain is already dead I don't have enough brain cells for this majorcurious007 I had never seen this before today and I told my grandma about it and she's shaking her head in both humor and disappointment. Good job everyone! cassiopeiathequeen This is the longest post but yall forgot 6 lovesickvampire-x And 1,3,5,7, and 9 are odd numbers. 5 is an honorary even number, but it is sti


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