Things Get Weird in the Great White North With Ice Fishing and Meme Wars

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    Ice Fishing

    Alright, first off, here's that ice fishing video we were talking about.
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    The Meme War Begins Between the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto

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    Now, don't feel bad if this meme-war makes little sense to you. Just remember, they're Canadian, it's not supposed to make sense to any of us. The meme-war appears to have been raging between the two rival Universities
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    Waterloo Makes Themselves an Anime Theme Song As The Meme War Begins

    The University of Waterloo
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    University of Toronto Tries to Win the War By Getting a Post Upvoted

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    In order to 'win' the meme war Toronto made this post to try to get more upvotes than anything Waterloo had gotten, and it was quite successful.

    But that prompted Waterloo to respond with this...
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    Waterloo Responds

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    Waterloo responded with this post that exploded to the front page of reddit, earning way more votes than the Toronto post did. Effectively winning Waterloo the meme war IF the poster actually gets the tattoo.

    This is the goose in question:
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    The Goose

    Cheezburger Image 8996090624
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    An Artists Recreation of What the Tattoo Will Look Like

    Cheezburger Image 8996091136
    Will the poster actually get the tattoo? Time will tell, but get your pitchforks at the ready.


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