Sneak Peeks Into Texts Between Celebs: Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid

  • Up first, we have Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik who welcomed their first child together on September 20th, 2020.

    Face - rage gainst the mechl

    According to several sources, Zayn took Gigi to the hospital in the middle of the night by himself. Because of COVID, he was the only one allowed to be present during the birth, but he kept Yolanda Hadid (Gigi's mom) very informed of everything that was going on during the entire time they were at the hospital.

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  • We managed to get ahold of the text messages he and Yolanda exchanged during the birth!

    Text - o00 T-Mobile LTE 2:37 AM 96% ( Messages Yolanda Details I'm taking Gigi to the hospital right now!!! She says the baby is coming. For real, this time. This is not a drill!! OMG!! Ok.... keep me posted on every little thing that happens. There's no way I'm falling back asleep. Shit. Can't find the car keys.... Do you know where they are? Gigi's freaking out!! DID YOU FALL ASLEEP? YOLANDA!!!! Found them :) iMessage Send
  • Text - p00 T-Mobile LTE 3:27 AM 96% < Messages Yolanda Details What's happening??? Has she given birth yet? We're not even in the hospital yet.
  • Text - oo T-Mobile LTE 4:12 AM 80% ( Messages Yolanda Details We're in the room now. Doctor is looking at her lady flower. What is he saying? Something about her being dilated enough... or not enough. Not sure. What??? What is going on?? Is she ready to push?? I'll ask. iMessage Send
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  • Text - poo T-Mobile LTE 4:43 AM 67% < Messages Yolanda Details Looks like it's gonna happen now!!! THE BABY IS COMING!!! SEND A PIC THE MOMENT YOU MEET THAT SWEET BABY GIRL!! iMessage Send
  • Bagel - poo T-Mobile LTE 5:17 AM 57% < Messages Yolanda Details Zayn! It's been 30 minutes... what's going on?! False alarm... I came to buy myself a bagel. It's really good. O' iMessage Send
  • Face - poo T-Mobile LTE 5:48 AM 57% ( Messages Yolanda Details Doctor says it might happen sooner than we thought. Gigi's contractions are pretty bad right now.... And I got a leg cramp. Ok. Let us know... iMessage Send
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  • Text - oo T-Mobile LTE 6:35 AM 38% < Messages Yolanda Details Anything?? ?? ZAYN!!! OMG... I guess you can't answer cuz it's happening!!! Send pics as soon as you can!!! I was in the loo. iMessage Send
  • Text - poo T-Mobile LTE 7:17 AM 21% < Messages Yolanda Details She's here. She's perfect. iMessage Send


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