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Men And Their Special Bond With Pets

  • 1

    "My husband and his first wife"

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  • 2

    “Husband reading D&D books with the kids”

    Light - TOR HARKIUAL
  • 3

    "My husband bought our cat, Cotton, a parasol because he didn’t want her to get to much sun. Yes, we are a gay couple with no children, how could you tell?"

  • 4

    “My husband, carrying our dog home for two miles after she stepped on a bee. She’s fine now and feeling better than ever.”

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  • 5

    "After months of not seeing my dad, my doggo refuses to leave his car."

    Vehicle door - KIT
  • 6

    "My husband and the cuddlebug making the same happy face"

  • 7

    "I walked into the kitchen to find my husband cooking dinner like this..."

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  • 8

    "Husband Sleeping With the Damn Puppies He Never Wanted"

    Canidae - 616
  • 9

    "My cat absolutely adores my boyfriend"

    Cat - JIM
  • 10

    “How she looks at my husband”

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  • 11

    “My husband got a new gaming chair, we didn’t know what to do with the old one so we just pushed it aside until we figure it out. Now it’s our cat’s favorite place in the whole house because he gets a comfy spot to sleep right next to Dad."

    Car seat - SECRE TITAN
  • 12

    "my cat Jade is so shy she never lets anyone outside our household pet her. she finally let my boyfriend pet her and she climbed onto his lap. he was really excited as you can tell"

  • 13

    "My husband's never had a dog. I think he likes it."

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  • 14

    "We can't have kids for now, so my husband treats our cats like babies instead. He's a total cat dad."

  • 15

    "Sugar the kitten loved SPCA staff member Glenn so much and she would always cry for his attention. So, he had to take her home!"

    Cat - Cal J ce ISME
  • 16

    "My boyfriend and his best girl Bitey making sure I know I'm the side chick"


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