People Who Prove That Everyone Can Be Really Dumb Sometimes

  • 1
    Product - I was doing renovations for a woman and one day she said, "Every time I ask you to do something, it costs me money Why is that?" in a very accusing tone like she caught me pulling a fast one.
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  • 2
    Nature - That islands don't float, you cannot dive/swim underneath them, and that they are attached to the ocean floor.
  • 3
    Text - That credit cards aren't free money. Her parents had evidently given her a credit card and payed it off every month and at age 30, she never realized you had to pay the bill.
  • 4
    Skin - I spent 30 minutes explaining to my mother-in-law why she can't connect her tablet to her home WiFi while she's at work
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  • 5
    Food - I had to explain to a coworker that fish is not poultry, and being in the same box on the food pyramid did not make them the same thing.
  • 6
    Skin - A smart girl didn't know where eggs came from. She thought they just came out of a factory like chicken nuggets. When she found out chickens lay eggs, her world exploded.
  • 7
    Skin - The fact that saying "quarter past 2" or any variation of that means it's 2:15 and not 2:25
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  • 8
    Natural foods - I told my college graduate brother that I was planning on making pickles. He looked at me dumbfounded. I had to explain to him that pickles did not grow out of the ground pickles, and are in fact, cucumbers. as
  • 9
    Photo caption - That bananas are not a dairy product. She had a dairy allergy and when offered her a banana, she reminded me of that and said bananas were too creamy
  • 10
    Terrace - That Vietnam is the name of a country, not just the name of a She kept insisting I wasn't old enough to have gone there and was utterly confused when I said went two years ago.
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  • 11
    Product - How a buy-one-get-one-free offer does not mean you are stealing the second on
  • 12
    Text - They blew a fuse, knocked out the power and complained the TV wasn't working. After explaining the cause, they asked why the Internet wasn't working either since it was wireless.
  • 13
    Watch - I got lost in the woods with a guy who demanded he hold the compass to navigate. After two hours he threw it on the ground complaining that "north keeps moving." No, we keep moving. North is always going to be that way.
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  • 14
    Skin - My mom still thinks that turning the thermostat to 90 will 20 get the temperature up to 74 from 72 faster than just setting it to 74. 25 30
  • 15
    Text - F That if they worked for 7.8 hours it does not mean they are getting paid for 7 hours and 80 minutes. 12 11 1 10
  • 16
    Text - for what is thợ to be best in point of vie El Nino climatic e warming catastro He thought El Niño was Latino pop star.
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  • 17
    Spokesperson - That animated GIFS won't print and be animated.
  • 18
    Food - "Ma'am, your coffee was hot until you added five cold creamers to it." The Waiter
  • 19
    Hard hat - T had to explain that if four builders built a wall and took four hours, that six builders building the wall would not take six hours.
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  • 20
    Tooth - My 20-year-old brother asked me whether ice cubes go into the stomach, or if they go "in the stomach for liquids." I had to explain that humans only have one stomach where both liquids and solids go.
  • 21
    Product - You cannot plug a power strip into itself and expect your phone to charge.
  • 22
    Sitting - A woman called to complain that her newly poured driveway wasn't shiny anymore. You know, since it dried.
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  • 23
    Skin - My mom wanted to design a business card on her computer I first had to explain to her what a cursor was. Over the phone.
  • 24
    Font - That it was World War I and World War II, not War War I and War War II.
  • 25
    Nature - had a coworker in her early 20s who genuinely thought that Alaska was an island next to Hawaii and that it was much smaller than Texas.
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  • 26
    Text - When you get your food to go, walk Outside in -20 weather, and drive 30 minutes home, the food will be cold. Don't call the restaurant and complain because you don't understand thermodynamics.
  • 27
    Face - She asked me, "How come the actors agree to play in a horror movie if they know they're gonna get killed?" She was serious.


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