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How to Tie Dye: Crumpled Style (GIFs)

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    Step 1

    gif blue jar of dye being stirred poured into Bottle - FARBESAL DEING SALT S EINTURE

    To tie dye a t-shirt (or any other white fabric item), the first step is to gather and prepare your materials. You will need:

    • Tie dyeing powder or a tie dyeing kit. Each should specify how the dye should be prepared. Once prepared, put each color into a separate squeeze bottle.
    • Rubber gloves
    • Rubber bands
    • A bucket 
    • Zip lock bag 
    • A white piece of clothing
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    Step 2

    gif man laying white t-shirt flat on table scrunching it up black gloves

    Once you have your dyes prepared, lay out your white t-shirt onto a flat surface and begin to crumple it.

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    Step 3

    gif arms black gloves squishing white shirt into ball

    Squish the t-shirt into a roughly gathered ball shape. It doesn't need to be neat - in fact, the crumpling style works better if it's messy.

  • 4

    Step 4

    gif black gloved on tattooed arm putting rubber bands around t shirt white

    Put around 3 or 4 rubber bands around the crumpled t-shirt to hold it in place. The tighter it's held into place, the more patterns the t-shirt will have.

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    Step 5

    gif black gloves on hands squirting tie dye color onto t-shirt

    Put your gloves on and start to squirt dye on the t-shirt. Squirt more dye onto the t-shirt than you think you need, because its shape means that the dye won't reach a lot of places. Use as many or few colors as you want - this is the time to get creative. Remember to flip the t-shirt over and color the other side too.

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    Step 6

    gif tie dyed t-shirt being put into plastic zip lock bag

    Once you've finished dying the t-shirt, place it inside a sealed zip lock bag. Leave it overnight or for 8 hours.

  • 7

    Step 7

    gif blue and pink tie dyed t-shirt hanging up

    After 8 hours, take the t-shirt out of the bag, take the rubber bands off and rinse it according to the dye instructions. Let it air dry and wear your awesome new t-shirt with pride! 


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