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Cat With Gunshot Wound Gone Through Surgery And Is 'Doing Amazing'

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    Thank goodness, the little survivor underwent surgery and is much better now. A veterinarian at the Ottawa Humane Society, Dr. Shelley Hutchings, told Ottawa News that: "The initial surgery involved removing bullet fragments, fragments of bone. His jaw from fracture from the gunshot injury, so there was a lot of preliminary work that needed to be done," adding that: "Now we're going to see how his jaw heals, how the alignment is and monitor to see if he's going to need some further surgeries in the future."

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    "Gulliver is doing amazing. We've had lots of calls asking how he's recovering. He's healing really well after his preliminary surgery," continued Dr. Hutchings. "He's super affectionate, he's eating well and the healing is going as good as planned. So far, we're really pleased with his recovery," adding that they are "taking it day-by-day with Gulliver. Right now, we have to see how he heals after this initial surgery." Gulliver will most likely have to go through more surgeries to correct his jaw, but hearing that he's doing so much better already makes us so insanely happy.

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    The incredible doctors and rescuer aren't the only ones we have to thank for Gulliver's recovery. Over 35,000 dollars were raised through the donation page of the Ottawa Humane Society, and that, said Dr. Hutchings not only helped Gulliver but will help other other animals in need as well. "Amazingly, we were able to raise over $35,000 for his care. His medical needs are certainly covered and this also allows us to help so many other animals in our community that come into our care needing urgent medical or surgical care."

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    The shooting is still being investigated according to the Ottawa Police Service, but we are mostly just relieved to hear that Gulliver is doing better. He will remain in the Ottawa Humane Society for a little longer until he's healed, and then the cutie will be put up for adoption. We wish him a speedy recovery, lots and lots of love and snacks, as well as the best forever home that he could ever find.

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