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Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (October 2020)

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    Mommy Dog And Her Seven Puppies


    A Labrador-Pitbull mix and her seven puppies who were less than 2 weeks old were rescued after a 2 hour operation. After witnesses claimed that they couldn't find the dog who just had puppies, medical technicians from the Arizona Humane Society began searching for them, and ultimately found them in a pile underneath a home.

    Without both the medical technicians and the concerned citizens, there's no telling what would have happened to the family of doggies, and we are thankful to both.

    Ream more: Fox 10 Pheonix

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    Mountain Lion Cub Rescued From Wildfires


    A tiny mountain lion cub was rescued by firefighters from the California wildfires and is now being treated in the Oakland Zoo. This small cub was orphaned and had severe burns, but luckily, it was taken into immediate care by the rescuers and is doing much, much better.

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    Deer That Got Stuck In A Ditch

    Personal protective equipment - क

    Firefighters in Kings Langley got a call about a deer stuck in a ditch between two garages rushed to help the poor animal as soon as they could. The operation was successful and relatively quick, taking 20 minutes in total. 

    The deer is safe, the firefighters look happy, and we are happy as well.

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    Two Rescued Kittens Make Each Other Family


    Lennon and Ringo, two rescued kittens, have become inseparable best friends. The kittens were rescued separately, one of them - the older - getting rescued on the day that would have been The Beatles star's 80th birthday from Lennon Drive in Liverpool and got named Lennon by an RSPCA inspector who's also a huge Beatles fan. 

    Ringo was rescued a while after Lennon. They became bffs immediately, and because of that, Ringo got its name.

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    Dog Rescued By Bridge Inspection Crew


    Not your usual rescuers - this adorable dog was rescued by the WVDOH Bridge Inspection crew. While working, they spotted the dog walking on the lower part of the bridge, and, quickly lowering the manlift to the deck, they rescued the dog. Following that, they shared their lunch with it - a ham sandwich, and to top it all off, even though the dog had no identifying tags on it, its family was found, and it was reunited with them. And all around positive story.

    Read more: West Virginia Department of Transportation

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    Dog Stuck For Six Hours Rescued By Firefighters And Farmers


    Six hours this dog spent in a drainage pipe, and we are just so, so thankful that its story ended as positively as it did. The cocker spaniel ran off during a walk with her owner in Buckworth, Cambridgeshire. The firefighters working on the rescue were helped along by farmers who used their digger to excavate the pipe. And the dog... the dog leapt into the firefighters arms as the rescue was coming to its - thankfully - happy end. 

    Read more: BBC

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    Three Day Cat Rescue Has A Happy Ending


    For three whole days, residents in Tredegar, Wales have been trying to rescue a cat that got stuck in a tree. Apparently, it's not always enough to call the firefighters. Failed attempts to get the cat down include residents offering the cat treats, trying to use cherry pickers, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the fire brigade. The person who managed to finally get the cat down is a tree surgeon with a four-story scaffolding platform. It was an enormous team effort, and thankfully, it payed off.

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    Kitten Rescued From A Fire

    Emergency service - FITCHE

    The fire may have been small, but the kitten was even smaller, and though finding it and rescuing it was a challenge, these firefighters did it successfully. Along with the help of the homeowner, who, using a garden hose, sprayed water into the basement where the kitten was, they managed to rescue the little guy and put the fire out.

    Read more: Telegram & Gazette

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    Porcupine Saved From Wildfires Gets Reunited With Its Mate


    After the Labor Day wildfires, Riley Wisdom was checking out the damage to her farmland when she saw an animal in front of a burnt tree. The porcupine was in such bad condition it was hard to even tell what it was, making it look almost like a beaver. Weeks after the rescue, not only was the porcupine better and getting released, but just as it got released into the trees it got reunited with its mate. Isn't that incredible? 

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    Rescued French Bulldog Pups Get A Happy Ending


    Not one, not two, but fifteen French bulldog puppies were rescued from a O'Hare International Airport warehouse after being neglected. Their rescue involved hundreds of thousands of people, including the rescuers, a congressman, and about 120,000 people who have signed a petition. And thanks to them, these puppies were given a reprieve and are able to stay in the US permanently in the hands of their rescuers.

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    Dog With Hurt Back Leg Saved From The Bottom Of Owens River Gorge

    Motor vehicle

    The Mono County Sheriff's Office got a call from 11-year old dog owner who said that the dog hurt its back leg. The husky-German shepherd mix, named Sal, was rescued from the bottom of the Owens River Gorge and was thankfully expected to make a full recovery. We wish you to please, be careful when you're out with your dog, and remember that no matter how young you are, if something happens to your pet, call the professionals and get it the help it needs. 

    Read more: The Record Courier

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    Dolphin Stranded In A Canal Released Back Into The Wild


    In Uttar Pradesh, India, as reported by NDTV, a Ganges river dolphin was rescued after getting lost and stranded in a canal. As a team, its rescuers - Members of the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and the Turtle Survival Alliance - splashed water on the dolphin to help it, carried it on a stretcher together, and eventually, released it back into the river.

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    Terrified Parrot Saved From Atop Paterson City Hall


    The parrot who was perched high atop Paterson City Hall was first spotted by a film crew. The firefighters and the parrot's owner were worried that it had been caught in netting that's meant to keep birds away from the building, but it wasn't - it was simply scared and frozen in place. Once the parrot's owner was brought closer to the parrot using a fire truck's ladder, the bird, looking relieved, simply jumped onto its owners shoulder. 

    Read more: northjersey.com

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    Dog Stuck Two Meters Below Ground

    Mammal - Bomberos

    In a crevice two meters below ground in Alfaz, a dog was trapped. The dog was spotted by two hikers who then called emergency services. When the firefighters got there, the poop dog was exhausted from trying to get out of the hole on it own where it's assumed it fell into a couple hours earlier. Thankfully, they got him out safe and sound. 

    Read more: Euro Weekly

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    Bear Rescued From A Tree


    "I couldn't BEAR to leave him there" was what stated Officer Robertson as he helped the little crab apple thief bear come down from a tree at the courthouse. The cub was saved and sent to a sanctuary where it will get to live out its life without having to steal any more apples. 

    Read more: North Bay Police

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    Rescued Kitten Adopted By A Public Safety Officer

    Police officer - GUN KENGLAND

    This adorable little kitten was wondering around the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport and was discovered, all disheveled, on a terminal ramp. Members of the operation team of the airport rescued the kitten, cleaned it, and took care of it overnight. And the next morning, amazingly, the kitten immediately found a new home with an someone just as adorable if not a little larger than it - a public safety officer from the airport. We gotta say, they do look really cute together. 

    Read more: yahoo! News


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