17 Past Proclamations That Aged Like Milk

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    Someone check on her

    Text - Sarah Lazarus @sarahclazarus if even one bad thing happens in 2020 | will completely lose my shit 12:43 PM · 2020-01-01 · Twitter for iPhone 908 Retweets 176 Quote Tweets 4,979 Likes
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    Text - Greg Schoen @GregSchoen I wish I had kept my 1,700 BTC @ $0.06 instead of selling them at $0.30, now that they're $8.00! #bitcoin B 1:57 AM · 17 May 11 · Twitter Web Client
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    The world's biggest facepalm

    Text - HITLER TAMED BY PRISON." Released on Parole, He Is Expected to Return to Austrla. Copyright. 1924, by The New York Times Company. By Wireless to THE NEWw YORK TIMEs. BERLIN, once the demi-god of the reactionary ex- tremists, was released on parole from imprisonment at Fortress Landsberg, Bayaria, today and immediately left in an auto for Munich. He looked a much sadder and wiser man today than last Spring when he, with Ludendorff and other radical extremists, appeared be- tore a Munich co
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    Yes, I think we'd notice

    Text - Cyberpunk 2077 O @CyberpunkGame 000 Replying to @chenteboy01 No more delays are happening. 2:54 PM - Oct 6, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 2.7K Retweets 2.2K Quote Tweets 17.8K Likes Cyberpunk 2077 O @CyberpunkGame 3h Replying to @CyberpunkGame and @chenteboy01 Would anyone notice if we delete this real quick? 000 380 17 949 5.8K
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    Running for POTUS is pretty creative

    Text - YE T/Kanye - Posted by 1 year ago 2 24.8k Kanye is officially politics free ye @kanyewest My eyes are now wide open and now realize l've been used to spread messages I don't believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!! Przetłumacz Tweeta 30.10.2018, 22:25 | 1.9k Comments | Give Award a Share A Save O Hide F Report 76% Upvoted
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    RIP Spongebob Squarepants

    Cartoon - 7/18/99 saw the spongebob pramiere saturday. can you say completly pathetic? looks like nick is running out ideas. the show is doomed! R.I.P SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS
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    The magic mineral...of death

    Text - Let this magic mineral, ASBESTOS, the buildings protect on your farm! JOHRS HANVILLE Asbestos! The magic mineral of the Middle Ages. Today, still a "magic" mineral; fireproof, rot-proof, and practically indestructible.When combined with portland cement it is manufactured into products which are especially important on the farm,because they provide permanent protection against fire, PRODUCTS weather, and wear. Read this folder. Learn how to put this magic mineral to work on your farm.
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    Text - 3:56 93% r/Conservative All I know is that republicans aren't the ones who riot and loot. There won't be any violence, they will accept the results and move on. Democrats however are like toddlers throwing a tantrum every chance they get. Hilarious since they never get their way either. a1m4fun 14d !RemindMe 2 weeks ...
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    A few centuries, hmm?

    Text - Science Notes and News. COAL CONSUMPTION AFFECT- ING CLIMATE. The furnaces of the world are now burning about 2,000,000,000 tons of coal a year. uniting with oxygen, it adds about 7,000,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere yearly. This tends to make the air a more effective blan- ket for the carth and to raise its temperature. The effect may be con- siderable in a few centuries. When this is burned,
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    Tabloid gossip never ages well

    Text - Depp has filed a counter-suit against Amber Heard which is 5 times her reported net worth and it seems as though she is desperate to get dirt on her ex-husband in an attempt for him to settle, or throw out, his defamation case. Amber Heard has meltdown after negative Johnny Depp press: fake black eyes and leaked audio tapes. She hired a Private Investigator who has failed to dig up any dirt on the 56-year-old actor, and her appeal to have the case dismissed has officially been rejected. T
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    Were they using a VPN?

    Text - NordVPN @NordVPN Ain't no hacker can steal your online life. (If you use VPN). Stay safe. Get NordVPN. For your own peace of mind: NordVPN confirms it was hacked. NordVPN, a virtual private network provider that promises to "protect your privacy online," has confirmed it was hacked. The admission comes following rumors that the company had been breached. 2 days ago Nord VPN Take Your Online Anonymity Seriously TechCrunch > 2019/10/21 > nordvpn-confirms-it-was-
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    Sharon, you couldn't have been more wrong

    Text - The Inquiring Photographer By JOHN STAPLETON Do you think the cur- rent popularity of video games is going to last? Sharon B Word processor "No. I don't think video games will last because they are not education- al. Video games are just a fad that will slowly fade away. The public al- ways gets bored and turns to some- thing else. Just wait and see." Daily News, wednesday. Decamber 1. 1982
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    By 'fix' did he mean become more of a Tory?

    Face - BBC Search Sport Wether More Mirror Politics e @MirrorPolitics newsbeat Tory MP forced to deny he said free school meal vouchers "spent on crack dens' Latest Popular Topics Young MP Ben Bradley wants to 'fix Tory image problem' POLITICS non
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    A very badly timed post

    Face - 4:17 This Is Why We Never See Sean Connery Anymore Nicki Swift · 25K views · 11 hours ago
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    Cartoon - And I'm Jared. from the Subway ads. I'm only a little overweight |and sexually ambiguous. SANVO
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    From July 2016

    Text - "It's likely that the next president, whoever she will be, will have a few appointments make," Ginsburg said, smiling. to
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    Wonder which phone Devin has now

    Text - TC The Unreasonable Stance: Touchscreens are just a fad Devin Coldewey @techcrunch / 8:35 PM GMT-2 • December 6, 2007 touch-screen-monitor_12.jpg So you've got your iPhone and your iPod Touch and your Microsoft Surface, and maybe you've got yourself a little pink DS lite. What do these things have in common? Two things: they all share a trendy interface – the touchscreen and - they all will be forgotten in a few vears' II


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