Positive Vibes: 38 Posts That'll Give You A Reason To Smile

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    Facial expression - Only gang I'm interested in joining Be kind to animals Be kind to the earth Be kind to others Be kind to yourself
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    Christmas tree - AC Thomas @acthomas_books My toddler decorated my mother in law's tree.
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    Text - WeRateDogsTM Following @dog_rates This is Riley. Every morning he hangs over the wall and drops his toy so the nearest passerby is forced to play with him. It works 100% of the time. 14/10 12:08 PM - 22 Oct 2018
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    Text - Children practice reading books to shelter dogs so they don't feel alone
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    Adaptation - erica. @erica_lee123 I was at Walmart tonight & I saw this man w/ a cart full of stuffed animals. When I asked him why, my heart became full. He told me that every year he dresses up as Santa & walks the halls of the children's ER & delivers one to each child. This man deserves to be recognized.
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    Human - Posted by u/super_monero 5 days ago 5 3 5 & 11 More Wholesome Moments In 2019, this 15-year-old kid started to take care of his elderly neighbors every single day after they had medical setbacks. God bless you Romemylion.
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    Junk food - Posted by u/Johnny_Carcinogenic 4 days ago 2 3 S Helping Others My 80-year-old neighbor just delivered this care package to my dog and me. I had told her earlier that I was laying low for Thanksgiving and not doing a traditional dinner or visiting any family. Ala Dot's DTomestele Pretzels ife lite शरे शशिव m-mmm
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    Text - jake @squidslippers i recently noticed that whenever life was getting me down, i'd usually find a dollar in my pocket the next day. i told my parents how weird it was and they told me my little sister puts a dollar in one of my pockets when she knows i'm sad to help cheer me up and now i'm cryin
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    Food - The second dish you will biscuits and gravy. need to prepare... I thought Alton say, "brisket and gravy. HTTHROAT KITCHEN chubbinafatzarelli this is the single saddest thing I've ever seen on cutthroat kitchen impulsebyimpulse The contestant didn't speak English as a first language Due to this the judge didn't judge his dish as biscuits and gravy but as brisket and gravy and the contestant moved onto the next round After this Alton started explaining the dish he was asking them to make mo
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    Text - My Uber driver was telling me "stop apply lipstick!" and "start lipstick, Miss!" because of holes in the road... not all heroes wear саpes >
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    Face - Posted by u/serenityfive 6 days ago 5 2 2 917 3 6 & 12 More O Favorite People My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on November 13th. We took a selfie on the way to Crested Butte, and he made me smile with my teeth showing (which I usually never do). This is now my favorite picture of us.
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    Photo caption - and U drew this rather unpretty picture One time în Potions lesson, with Snape of Alan Rickman, and as Iwas drawing it was reallyscary. lwas just doodlingury Alan Rickman was standing right behind me and Iwas so sčared! with my quill in the book The picture.wasn't nice either. I think I exaggerated a few of his features. But he was really cool about it, I think he even kept the pictures. ALAN RICI I made him sign it and I have it-in my st possession. And I'm very fond of it.
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    Photo caption - Otis Owill Williams Tuesday at 5:19 AM 6 This young man I hired as a temporary helper off the streets no home no clothes living under a bridge 7 months ago. Well he has not missed a day, has never been late, not one compliant, has reunited with his parents, has a car, has clothes on his back and now he's officially a WM employee with benefits..An amazing story and individual. God is good!!!!!
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    Text - taryn land @tarynland a baby was staring at me in target so i started waving to her & she waved back & the mom whipped around & was like OMG & i was like oh sorry i was just waving to your baby & she was like THAT WAS THE 1ST TIME SHES WAVED & me & this mom SCREAMED in the store bc we were so excited
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    Text - I was in Foster Care for 924 days. BUT TODAY I was Adopted!
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    Text - Robert McNees @mcnees Somehow l've lucked out and have an 8yo who thinks secretly reading under the covers past her bedtime is an act of rebellion, and it hasn't yet occurred to her that her flashlights never seem to run out of batteries.
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    Text - #homeless #lasvegas #lasvegastunnels Barry is homeless living in a tunnel underneath Las Vegas 5,455,975 views Jul 21, 2010 Barry Westervelt 2 years ago This Barry. I have moved out of Las Vegas and was able to find a job. Been working since May 2015 and doing good. I 114K REPLY View 496 replies
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    Cat - Our cat Larry was adopted 3 months ago and sometimes has a hard time fitting in withhis new brothers. He was never allowed to explore his backyard in the past so his "hunting" skills are a bit new. Yesterday he brought the family his first "catch" it was a leaf and we're all very proud!
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    People - A 3-year-old girl named Skye Savren-McCormick from California, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and had given a 10% chance of survival by doctors. She was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant, that's when a 26-year-old woman named Hayden Ryals, who was registered as a bone marrow donor, came in to help her. The girl survived and served as a flower girl in her bone marrow donor's wedding.
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    Text - this is what 50 bucks means to a small business. $50 is nothing to a billion dollar company. start shopping small C & monika * C @meownikaa · 1d whoever just placed a $50+ order in my shop, thank you so much that literally just paid for half of my groceries tomorrow Show this thread
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    Property - Sean @SeanR My neighbors are bored as F !!! >
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    Text - 42sky42 said My English teacher says we shouldn't refer to authors by their first names because they aren't our friends. Will you confirm our friendship and let me call you Neil on my American Gods book report? neil-gaiman Absolutely.
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    Food - Top Awarded 12 20 27 & 40 More Posted by u/papitabean 5 days ago Wholesome Moments After not being able to go home for Thanksgiving because of family having Covid and then locking myself out of my apartment with my roommates being with their families hours away, the only locksmith that picked up the phone also brought me a plate of Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Dress - isa watson @isadwatson My 64-year old mother told us on Thanksgiving that she got accepted to a PhD program at UPenn. It's never too late to do what you want!
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    Product - Meanwhile in Edmonton at some 711 7-ELEVEN ELEVEN WE UNDerstand That Schools Are Cbsed That Some Fomilies Relu oN School Lunehes!! SC Monday-Friday lam -lap Kids is younder Can Have A Slice of Pizza A Banana w/A Big Gulp ON USH
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    Community - This tiny Jyn Erso went to the Star Wars Celebration and handed out copies of the Death Star plans to every Leia she saw. ravenamore You left out the best part. She left the last one at Carrie Fisher's memorial.
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    Text - What's the single most important item in your home that has a value of $1 or less? in AskReddit by 0-- ↑ 37.6K Q 7.1K O 7h 119 prplx 1 29.6K I 64 4h A brown plastic realistic cockroach nicknamed Freddie. We got it over 20 years ago, I don't remember where or why. Maybe a halloween party? Anyway. My wife and I have been hiding it for each other ever since. It could take months for Freddie to pop up but he always does. She will find it burried in the sugar pot. I will later find it inside a
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    Text - Get me to 5k subs so I can brag at the elderly home 5.2K subscribers SUBSCRIBED D
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    Face - Posted by u/TibaltLowe 6 days ago h Top Awarded O 39 23 & 128 More Personal Win A Today Marks 5 Years Being Cancer Free
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    Text - Kumail Nanjiani @kumailn My dad always gave me physical & emotional affection. He still can't say he's proud of me without tearing up. Thad a male role model who showed me it was natural to show affection, emotion, love. The world would be better if men were comfortable expressing their inner lives.
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    Product - 000 I really hate to brag but I have a private chef that prepares my lunches. Noy LAT
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    Text - I thought 2020 Would be the yearur I got everything I Wanted. Now Iknow 2020 is the. Year I appleciate Everything I have SEWER
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    Text - r/australia u/Artaud_Damaged 8h I just called Lifeline Australia... no politics And I understand that they can't give me their real name, but I felt uncomfortable talking to someone without a name, and so I asked for a fake one, and I got hung up on. So yeah. Good to know they are willing to hang up on me as well. 228 52 Share Y BEST COMMENTS - lostinhoppers 32 my real name is Michael, I have PMed my phone. 4 O • 8h you Reply 649 Artaud_Damaged • 7h I need you all to know, whoever the f M
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    Text - Ari Yarwood @AriYarwood For the very first time in my life, a tall person stood in front of me at a concert, looked back, asked "Can you still see?" and then answered themselves with "Of course you can't, I'm like 6 feet tall," and then MOVED. I wish so many blessings on their house
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    Text - 0770059834333178 • 9h I know this is pandering but, I've been depressed for months and haven't hit the gym during that time. Mr. Schwarzenegger can you please tell me to get off my lazy ass and hit the gym? I swear to everything I hold dear that I will snap out of it and go. Reply 113 GovSchwarzenegger •6h I'm not going to be that hard on you. Please don't be that hard on yourself. We all go through challenges, we all go through failure. Sometimes life is a workout. But the key thing is y
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    Text - Mohamad Safa O ... @mhdksafa I noticed that our lovely janitor gets treated like an outcast, so I made sure to drink my coffee with him daily in front of the gate. Today I was in a hurry to get to my office, so he came to my office with a cup of coffee and awkwardly goes "Thank you for being my friend." 5:29 AM 11/21/20 · Twitter for iPhone 1,463 Retweets 364 Quote Tweets 19.2K Likes


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