20+ Cringey Examples Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

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    Gatekeeper of listening

    Text - Replying to @AndrewYang and @donaldglover Listening to something in the background is not listening. As a life-long musician, I hate how this has devolved into what people call listening. When I listen to something, I allow myself to be transported by it, giving it my full attention, body and soul.
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    Gatekeeper of being overworked

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    Gatekeeper of eating food

    Text - If you're white, and you eat sushi with chopsticks, congratulations you're a colonizer 16:47 · 21 Nov 20 · Twitter for Android
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    Gatekeeper of ideology

    Text - If you support BLM or Antifa in anyway you can't be a Christian... 28 12 Comments
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    Gatekeeper of the letter 'G'

    Text - % Disc @Diso 1d Repiyıng to happy bday g! i know you're going to crush it 07 271 198 1i1ONS 1d ... dont say g if you arent from the uk... just... dont. O 12 11
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    Gatekeeper of depth

    Nose - What kids now-a-days think is deep What deep really is- Reader beware as you pass by. As you are now. so once was I. As I am now. will be Therefore prepare So noh lo follow me
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    Gatekeeper of True Catholicism

    Nose - KTVB O ... 58m 'Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,' Pope Francis said in one of his sit-down interviews for the film. He is not a true catholic. D 16 34m Like Reply he is literally the Роpe 39
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    Gatekeeper of video games

    Text - So you're over the age of 12 and you still like Nintendo How bout this, grow up. Liking Nintendo over the age of 12 is the equivalent to wearing diapers at 10 I don't care about your furry monsters fighting or that blonde idiot with a sword You need to wake up and see reality
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    Gatekeeper of the value of life

    Text - 2,977 The number of people killed on September 11, 2001. 3,011 The number of people killed by the coronavirus on December 9, 2020. Think about that. A 9-11 level of death, every day, is upon us. 9:56 PM · 12/9/20 · Twitter Web App 3,909 Retweets 573 Quote Tweets 14.7K Likes 9h Replying to @ Sure, but the lives of the people who died of COVID are, on average, not as valuable as the lives of those who died on 911...because the former are much older, on average. That age disparity warrants a
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    Gatekeeper of the Norwegian alphabet

    Text - 000 Replying to and 5 others Using "Ø" is a white supremacist give away. We get it, sir, you think you're descended from uber-white Vikings. 1:07 am : 11 Dec 2020 · Twitter for Android 6 Retweets 88 Quote Tweets 14 Likes Ø 11 Dec 000 Replying to Ø is a letter in the Norwegian alphabet and the first letter in my name. and 5 others 13 27 18 905 • 11 Dec 000 I'm fully aware of what the letter is. I am also fully fucking aware that using the Norwegian alphabet is common amongst American Neo-N
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    Gatekeeper of someone else's religious practice

    Text - Ben Shapiro O @benshapiro - 11h And I am the square root of a C.. negative number Reverend Raphael... .12h 2 US Senate candidate, G... I am a pro-choice pastor. O 1,127 271,969 23.3K
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    Gatekeeper of miscarriages

    Nose - CNN @CNN 1h CN Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reveals she had a miscarriage in July. "I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second." 37bsJug CORONAVIRUS- PANDEMIC IN THE UNITED STATES TOTAL CASES 12,597,506 DEATHS 259,976 U.S. POPULAR VOTE PRESIDENT BIDEN TRUMP 80,021915 73,887,192 51.0% 47.1% LOSINGOMYN SECOND. LIVE CNN SA MAXRELE REVEALS SHE HAD A MISCARRIAGE IN JULY CNN 649 AM ET 2:55 BOSTON 50 NEW YORK 59 PHILADELPHIA 58" NEW DAY 78.6K views · From New Day
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    Gatekeeper of being a man

    Text - Candace Owens @RealCandaceO There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.
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    Gatekeeper of depression

    Text - r/im14andthisisdeep 11h 1 Award Some fake depression for ya Me restarting the song because the part that hurts me the most didn't hurt me enough
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    Gatekeeper of kids falling on their knees

    Skin - This the pre-1996 indicator Il Caffè Nero @_King_Wise 1d I believe that we all have this scar on our knees Show this thread
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    Gatekeeper of Autism

    Clothing - 1d alright enough is enough, no woman has autism today i decided to try a song I've never heard 139 27312 O 3,472 · 1d Pretty interesting how every woman calling herself "autistic" has a fine-tuned social understanding of how to act cute and dress well, as well as a standard female's desire to put pictures and videos of herself on social media Q 56 t7 208 O 1,540
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    Gatekeeper of ordering coffee

    Text - I think men who order their Coffee with Cream Are Sissies!
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    Gatekeeper of Star Wars fandom

    Text - When the youth of today portray themselves to be true Star Wars fans YOU MERELY ADOPTED THE STAR WARS FRANCHISE I WAS BORN INTO IŤ. MOLDED BY IT
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    Gatekeepers of watching movies

    Electronic device - Y'all millennium babies wouldn't understand..... this was Netflix before Netflixa THE INCHEDBLES poot Only the real ones had the bootleg DVD's with a sharpie label
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    Gatekeeper of facial hair

    Text - November 23 at 10:38 PM : Let's see them beards guys!! Men With Beards Deserve Steak You Smooth Face boys Get A Lunchable O Like Share 43
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    Gatekeepers of inhumane work conditions

    Text - LTE O Shortcuts 2d · It's a part time job till you hit 60hrs a week. 2d I don't think these guys would make it in our field we're a different breed! Blue collar bastards baby! Pfffft 55 hrs Imao Amazon workers working 55-hour weeks and so exhausted by targets they 'fall asleep standing up' Ambulance crews called after workers collapse at work
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    Gatekeeper of police brutality

    Text - 16m I'm literally a victim on police brutality. Police are not you're friends. 2 White people can't be victims of police brutality. You're culturally appropriating rn 15:30 · 12/2/20 · Twitter Web App
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    Gatekeeper of sport

    Text - Pokémon @Pokemon Tell us you're a Pokémon Trainer without saying you're a Pokémon Trainer. Translate Tweet 6:10 AM · 10 Dec 20 · Sprinklr 1,862 Retweets and comments 12.8K Likes Replying to @Pokemon Pokémon is for unathletic types who never lettered in a contact sport. As a youth football coaching legend, I forbid my players from even mentioned sci-fi stuff like Pokémon in my presence 284 2I 110 1,043
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    Gatekeeper of doggos

    Human - 9GAG.COM Fenris The Viking Dog Goes On Various Adventures In Norway Like Comment Share 4.6K 170 Shares Most Relevant v To all those ladys, dragging and carrying around their pocket rats. THIS is a dog. 1d Like Reply 59 i
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    Gatekeeper of The Mandalorian

    Blue - 3d · : If you didn't watch clone wars you have no business watching the mandalorian Star Wars on CB 4d · O i COMICBOOK.COM The Mandalorian: Ahsoka Tano's Star Wars Origin and Connections Explained
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    Gatekeeper of video game character customization

    Animation - Cute space buns :3 1:01 PM · 11/20/20 · Twitter for Android - 7h Replying to Please don't wear these if you're white. They aren't space buns, they have a significant and history that is not ours so please just respect that and change it. ♡ 15


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