Hilarious Instances Of Kids Being Really Stupid

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    Text - Posted by u/RadiantLine 5 days ago i briefly worked at an elementary school. my coworker was walking through the hall one day and heard the following conversation between two little boys while one of them pointed at her. i can't stop thinking about it. story/text kid 1: woah, that's a really tall sixth grader! kid 2: no, dude, she has tattoos. kid 1: ..do you think MY mom will let me get tattoos in sixth grade?
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    Text - lola @legally_lola · 20h I laugh every time I remember my friend's son being so excited and happy to go to school on his first day but then crying when he got woken up the next day because he thought school was just a one-day event. 84 27 4,423 ♡ 41K
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    Dishware - lil sister put a corndog in the microwave for 26 fucking minutes
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    Text - France is bacon "hen I was young my father said to me: “Knowledge is power, Francis Bacon." I understood it as "Knowledge is power, W France is bacon." For more than a decade I won- dered over the meaning of the second part and what was the surreal linkage between the two. If I said the quote to someone, “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon," they nodded knowingly. Or someone might say, "Knowledge is power" and I'd finish the quote "France is Bacon" and they wouldn't look at me like I'd s
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    Lip - CHUCK "I wouldn't buy her the "dolly" movie for Christmas."
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    Hairstyle - Posted by u/Fearless_Weird_8301 4 days ago As I'm watching super nanny this is how a kid protested I'm going to pee in my pants then!
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    Text - When I was in elementary school, I told all of my classmates that I was a witch. When they asked for proof I told them that the sunlight made me blind, because witches are only supposed to be out at night. To not drop the charade, every day in PE when we would go play outside I would pretend to be blind and some of the kids would help me walk around and do things because they thought couldn't see.
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    Text - 275 3 2 8 It was a young age I realised that writing was my calling. drawing/test The Tree Posted by u/matty928 1 day ago Telree by Matty One day there Was a allens they were cross LeCause they Were Cro they were cro5S allend no no
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    Text - toddthedog1 2 N 2 26k pts · 7h 2) He loves pizza. As long as I tell him what we're eating is pizza. He'll eat it. Vegetables? Call it pizza. Chicken nuggets? Call it pizza. Literally anything. He screams "yay pizza!!" And eats it. He's 2. IrishAengus 9.5k pts • 6h 2) I tell mine, who have decided they don't like fish, it's chicken. Works every time
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    Text - Posted by u/walking_snafu 5 days ago 2 32 Apparently Mr. White teaches first grade. Fill in the MO99008 words I. We went Wth him. 2. The dog had a halh. 3. Mom is with thm 4. That rug is then 5. Lhe frog is mad. Words • batt thin wit The 6. We do MPin in class.
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    Text - 23:50 i WIFiCall O 21:04 13% I Beeline Ben, 41 Aaron, 40 When I was a little boy I thought the definition of sex was kissing whilst you were naked One night I got out of the bath and kissed my cat on the nose. Then I remembered I was naked and I ran downstairs screaming.. "I had sex with the cat!" You should have seen my mums face.
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    Green - 23:56 A facebook.com ... These are the messages I have to send teacher... his 8:03 Phone C Cohens Teacher > Cohen will be at school tomorrow! WARNING! He has a dinosaur stuffed animal that has horns and he's named it "horny" Hes insisting that horny comes to school with him tomorrow. My mom and I tried and tried to get him to change the name but.no luck. Soooo just warning you :) good luck tomorrow! Lol Text Message 8. 75 Like Comment
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    Text - Posted by u/aydensimon 4 days ago 4 3 4 37 My beautiful artwork from when I was younger drawing/test
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    Paper - Posted by u/Jztobin 1 day ago 7 6 6 & 15 More My dog used to hump, and I called it "riding him like a cowboy". I drew this in class, and my mom framed it. drawing/test Mo nding Ben like a COw boy ! BY JAMISON 2015
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    Text - I picked a bad cart at Target. As I struggled with it, my son asked what was wrong. "Il'm having problems steering," I said. He looked a little confused, but I assumed he couldn't hear me through my face mask. At checkout, the cashier asked if we found everything we needed. "Yes, but my mommy was having problems stealing," my son said.
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    Finger - Posted by u/iamthevash 3 days ago e2 3 6 82 3. Paper clips are hard..
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    Service - Posted by u/1Wineodino 5 days ago 19 2 11 e12 3 16 20 My kid got her fingers stuck in a bench at school and the bench rode with her to the ER. Yes, she is alright. Yes, we kept the bench seat. story/text npe e XPS
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    Text - Dear Tooth I am som y swall ow ê d ad ain that I my toot h Love Jacob
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    Text - Lemar @Atksufi A child: what's that? Me holding an oreo milkshake: it's spicy you won't like it.
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    Text - It's been an awful, terrible, no good week. But listening to my teenage daughter convince my youngest child last night that J.R.R. Tolkien's real name was 'Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien' was absolutely priceless.
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    Text - immaplatypus children lying on the floor in public areas have such a powerful aura, and i don't mean like mid-tantrum or something i mean like one time i saw this toddler lying blank-faced, starfish-style in the entrance of a sunglass hut and she still haunts me to this day immaplatypus once at a theme park i got concerned cause this small child was lying right smack in the middle of the walkway but then i heard his mother saying "i'm sorry...i'm so sorry...he's pretending to be a melted
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    Text - when I was a kid I watched a lot of nature documentaries with my mum. we were watching jurassic park one night and I loved dinosaurs, and because it looked realistic, I thought we were watching another nature doc. anyway imagine my heartbreak when I excitedly asked my mother if we could go and she had to break the news to me that jurassic park is in fact NOT real and we weren't watching a documentary.
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    Text - Sarcastic Mommy @sarcasticmommy4 ... Have kids so you can be done with your Christmas shopping & they can hand you their "updated" list which includes nothing you bought.
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    Text - Lin-Manuel Miranda O @Lin_Ma. · 3d True Story From Tonight-A One Act Play [Dinner.] The Six Year Old: Mommy, are you younger than Daddy? @VAMNIT: Yes. Two years younger. The Six Year Old: But how come you know so much more than him? [I look up from my pizza. End of play.] 922 27 4,013 98.8K
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    Text - Jennifer Michelle Greenberg @JennMGreenberg "Uh, Mom?" said my 6 year old. "Look at your child." Sollooked, and there, sitting cross- legged in a miniature lawn chair, was my 2 year old drinking A1 sauce straight out of the bottle.
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    Text - Henpecked Hal @HenpeckedHal My 4 year old said he was carsick so I dumped the groceries from a plastic bag & passed it back to him with instructions to "throw up inside it." I heard him throw up & looked back to see that he'd put the bag on over his head like a helmet, so the puke fell right out the bottom. >
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    Teal - Told Abby this is where she can put her letters for Santa. So she gathered her toy letters and put them in for Santa. fetters to SANTA felld SA
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    Text - chris donis @thechrisdonis thinking about in 7th grade when I got escorted to the police station after school because they found out I was prank calling local businesses as "ricky pee pee" and when i walked in, the officer who was waiting there with my mom to talk to me said "if it isn't ricky pee pee"
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    Cheek - Meredith @PerfectPending Me explaining a reality a show to my 11yo: "And then one by one they are eliminated" 11: THEY KILL THEM!?!!!!


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