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Australian Zookeeper Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Wild Job

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    In an interview with Brightside.Me, Chad explains his daily routine, "I grab my coffee and go for a walk, immersing myself in the animal world to see if everything is okay" He then adds that you can quickly understand whether an animal is OK or not.

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    “We have more than 2,000 animals here and every single one of those animals has individual requirements." Chad shares that understanding animal is something that comes with time, "“I think the main thing is true empathy. --

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    I learn it from animals every single day. They are absolute passion."

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    “I feel so blessed to be able to spend every day with them,” Chad adds.

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    However, the Australia bushfires of 2020 was a difficult time. Chad told Brightside.Me that the flames spread so quickly, there was no time to evacuate the animals. So Chad decided to stay behind and defend them the best he could.

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    During the bushfires, smaller animals such as the monkeys and red pandas were moved into Chad's house. And the larger animals into their night enclosures. Despite what was happening all around them, the zoo staff managed to save EVERY. SINGLE. ANIMAL.

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    There are some animals that get closer to the heart than others. Like this koala named Archer, who Chad raised like a real parent after his mother sadly abandoned him.

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    Now Archer has become the face of the park's animal sponsorship program!

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    Chad shared with Brightside.Me that he "feels truly happy to spend his life surrounded by animals. His life differs in comparison to other people who live in big cities and the biggest treasure of his life is the zoo where he started to work more than 20 years ago."

    Thank you Chad Staples for bringing happiness and love to animals and to the world! We hope you continue spreading that love! 


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