Dude's Dad Uses Legal Loophole To Speed For Years

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    Font - Posted by u/treize_k 1 year ago How my father got out of so many speeding tickets they had to change the law oc M My father has been a lawyer here in BC, Canada for more than 30 years. When he was starting out in his 30's he was hustling hard to support a stay at home wife and me, his young son. As he was very much a type "a" personality with not much patience he sped on the highways, often. And he got speeding tickets, often. However, he took every single one to court and had every singl
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    Font - Now the BC legal code specified that a "road sign" was legally comprised of two signs on a pole. SEE BELOW FOR A BETTER EXPLANATION OF THE WAY THE SIGNS LOOKED Apparently at some point someone in charge of replacing all the signs with the new metric ones decided that they could save a considerable amount of money by printing all the information on ONE sign. But this no longer complied with the specifics of the legal code. So he would go back to the exact sign that he was ticketed because
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    Font - His defense was very simple. He would allow the arresting officer to take the stand and give his testimony regarding the issue of the ticket, and then show the officer the picture he took and ask them to identify whether that was the sign that he had sped past. They always agreed saying that it was in fact the very same sign. He thanked them and then dismissed them with no further questions. He would then bring the picture to the judge along with the bookmarked page of the BC Highway Act
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    Font - This worked for almost a decade, with him overturning literally thousands of dollars of speeding tickets until the law was changed. He still speeds btw. TL;DR - bureaucrat cuts costs on road signs but they no longer fit the legal definition so my dad sped like a fucking madman for years with 0 consequences.
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    Here are some of our favorite comments of people sharing their own experiences

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    WOW. Not only is a traffic investigator a real thing (WHO KNEW?), but apparently the starting salary is $40k

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    I feel like everyone had a friend whose dad did this.

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    Why not end this entire story with a happy ending?

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