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Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Wolfie, The Smiling Cat

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    Wolfie's first Instagram post!

    "Hi Furriends! My name is Wolfie! I'm a domestic medium-haired kitty rescued from downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row area with my siblings. I have an adorable overbite and I'm currently special needs due to a growth on my esophagus. I'm on a 100% liquid diet until I weigh enough for surgery!"

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  • 2

    Another adorable pic of Wolfie as a kitten! "Bwahaha!!! Time to take over Instagram!"

  • 3

    And one more for good luck!

  • 4

    "Right after his endoscopy (and the reason for the shaved arms)"

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  • 5

    "Wolfie glow up! Many of the pics were taken by @imogenthekitten"

  • 6

    "Best boi smiles"

  • 7

    "SILENCE! I keel you! Jk gimme milkies"

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  • 8

    "When Meowmy comes home"

  • 9

    "When you wake up from a nap and no longer know what day it is"

  • 10

    "Look at my cat"


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