Super Bowl Tweets Are More Entertaining Than The Super Bowl

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    Rectangle - Samantha (+) @ltsSamG · 19h ... Hear me out: Super Bowl snacks minus the Super Bowl 169 27 248 1.7K

    prepare yourself for fifteen hilarious Super Bowl tweets written by women that you'll likely enjoy, regardless of whether you like football or not.

    These may not help you learn who won, but they are sure to help you understand why people are so confused about what went down, and whether The Weekend is okay.

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    Rectangle - bettemidler @BetteMidler · 18h ... Very conflicted. Do I let the delivery guy think I'm having a Super Bowl party in the middle of a pandemic or do I admit the 6-foot sub is just for me? 1.6K 17 3.2K 62.6K

    As someone who also ordered a questionable amount of food, this resonates strongly with me. If you're curious I decided to go for the "OMG this is so much more than I expected!" tactic.

    I'm sure the delivery man didn't care at all regardless. He barely responded lol. Do you think he's into me?

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    Rectangle - andi :D @andivmg · 16h i'm too hot to care about the superbowl 91 27 370 5.3K

    Next year when people ask you about your Superbowl plans, I recommend using this. It's actually genius. I'm going to start using it for everything.

    Did you clean your room? I'm too hot to clean my room. Did you complete your taxes? I'm too hot to care about taxes. Sorry Barbra.

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    Font - alicia @nerdjpg · 16h ... There should be a reverse super bowl with the shittiest teams of the season and the one that loses wins worst team of the year 807 27 38.5K 387.8K
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    Font - Elie Mystal @ElieNYC · 13h My Mom: Amanda Knox is going to perform at the Super Bowl. Me: WHAT? WHY? SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A TALENT! Mom: I thought you liked her poem? Me: Amanda GORMAN you mean? Mom: Yes. Me: .. that's a big difference, Ma. Mom: You knew who I meant. Me: Did I? 348 17 583 11.3K
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    Outerwear - Tashaaa @natasha_troy · 1h ... good morning to this man and this man #SuperBowlWeeknd only #SuperBowlLV
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    Font - a dusting of pink @Tzynya · 9h The Weeknd pulled out his 50 Shades of Gray soundtrack hit, but where are the women in bondage like the video? I fully expect to ... see butt cheeks and blindfolds. #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl LiM #SuperBowlWeeknd
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    Font - _SkinnyGirlTeri · 7h This Is Some Black History Shit lol #SuperBowlLV #SuperBowlWeeknd #Florida Teri ...
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    Rectangle - Brittney @One_Tweet_Away 8h Lol I KNOW I'm not the only girl driving their partner mad asking them what each play, penalty and call means every two mins Y'all are the real MVPS for putting up with us! #SuperBowl LiM #SuperBowlWeeknd
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    Product - don'tdisturb(liz @Beautif90012432 · 9h e #SuperBowl Liv #SuperBowlWeeknd lol My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself! 4
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    Rectangle - jin sol @jinsolkim1 · 9h these lights reflecting off the camera is legit how i see with astigmatism lol #SuperBowl LấM #SuperBowlWeeknd •.. 1
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    Sleeve - Pennywise @_xIrv_ · 10h ... Nobody: The Weeknd's background dancers: 53 27 7.6K 37.9K
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    Nose - nadia @plsitions · 10h me after leaving my zoom class when my teacher asked me something ... #TheWeeknd let me in please 27 3 13


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