16 Old People Who Are Really Living It Up On The Facebook

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    Absolutely love the contrast of a grim death announcement paired with a celebratory banner.

    Product - cricket 9 a 2 6:09 facebook 26 on • Prayers for my family my sister went home to be with jesus this morning Show off your avatar in a new Try It post. 4 6 Comments ||
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    Hope this person found what they were looking for.

    Orange - May 31, 2019 at 1:24 PM Search 3 7 Comments Like Comment A Share 1L
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    Press F to pay respects.

    Product - This medicine keeps me nauseous! Have to take it twice a day! UGH!
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    Font - SUBLIMATION & MORE! ... LEARN, CRÈATE AND INSPIRE 28 mins · 1 I think I may have joined the wrong group accidentally, I thought this group was about encouraging oneself with subliminal messages designed by oneself for improvement of oneself ? I did not realize that this is really a form of art? So therefore because I don't understand I will leave the group. There are no hard feelings I wish you all a great and prosperous and safe new year. You and 16 others 3 Comments Love Comment
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    Ivy kind of seems like a prude.

    Hair - i LONELYPLANET.COM 8 unusual aphrodisiacs from round the world O Like Comment Share 15 3 Shares Most Relevant v Ivy Vomit, 2d Like Reply
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    Product - Like לחT Comment Send Jd off > Th 1h · A What did you say 4 Comments 73 Like Comment I'm good thanks for asking Like Reply Write a comment.. D
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    Finally, some good news.

    Facial expression - 8:18 AM 89% Hooray! They found my friends chickens on I-77 safe and all still Alive! You and 2 others Comment
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    Nothing but respect for this person who sticks to their virtues.

    Arm - GGTOHO.BLOGSPOT.COM My name is Maria and today is my 107 Birthday and nobody wants to SHARE my post because am old O Like Comment Share 8 7 shares Hi Maria, Happy birthday! I won't share because will not respond to threats or bribes, Have A great day
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    Poor Dennis.

    Hair - LIKE керіу Write a reply... Great family photo. Dennis has a head shaped like Homer Simpson 1d Like Reply
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    Oof, that's awkward.

    Gesture - mnutes age Like Reply DON'T CARE GIPHY Write a comment. Y'all how can mom delete this comment? Someone's husband died and for some reason it commented this from her
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    Thank you, Diane.

    Vertebrate - Truth Boomer Humour: I hate my wife millenial humour I hate my life Gen Z: STONKS Diane 3 Comments O Like Comment Share Diane God loves you and is by your side Like Reply 5w
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    Camper van

    Product - ul Verizon 10:27 AM @ 95% Post ... 10h Camper van O Like Comment Send k and 1 other ck Camper van 10h Like Reply What about it? 4h Like Reply Smith Camper van 1h Like Reply Abby Manley camper van Just now Like Reply Write a reply... Write a comment... GIF
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    Minty fresh.

    Product - Women's Humor ... Women's Humor 7 hrs · People in their thirties discussing TikTok: 4.1K 1K Comments 1.8K Shares O Like Comment A Share ne Hey! I'm 54 and love tic tacs. Minty Tmahumanist
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    Product - Mary 1h - e ... I would very much like to become a member of this page 7 2 comments Like Comment Sharelle and added by Maria You have been a member since 29 January 2018 9 Like Reply 1h Mary - Sharelle oh ok thank you 1 Like Reply - 1h
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    Donna can't handle the truth about cashews.

    Plant - CosmosUp 3d • O O Like Page If you didn't know, this is how cashews grow 30 7 Comments Like לן Comment Donna No more. Will not buy. Like Reply
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    Font - HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU REALIZED THAT "DAMMIT I'M MAD" SPELLED BACKWARDS IS DAMMIT I'M MAD? 9 23 14 Comments 2 Shares O Like Comment Share Donna no 4.
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