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Informative Tumblr Thread About How Huge Wolves Actually Are

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    Human - laylainalaska Follow While walking the dog yesterday, we found the tracks of a pack of wolves that had passed across the edge of our property. (I live out in the highway in Alaska.) I took a picture of my hand next to a wolf track for comparison.
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    Hand - Now here's a picture of my hand with one of our dog's tracks: And he's not an especially small dog; he's a 55-lb retriever mix.
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    Organism - And the dog's tracks next to wolf tracks: Wolves are huge.

    Okay, so yeah, we definitely underestimated how big wolves actually are. And yes, that makes us ever so slightly more afraid of them. But fear shall not stop us, and we know for sure that if we ever meet a wolf who's just friendly enough, we might absolutely risk it. Okay, fine, not with any random wolf, sure. Maybe a pup in a sanctuary. 

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    Font - weasowl dude, i'm tellin you, for real Sometimes people ask if my klee kai is a wolf, like, seriously. And l'm always like oh no, ha ha he kind of looks like one, though, hunh? But inside l'm always like "uh, my dog weighs thirty pounds, wolves weigh more than me and my dog put together - if he was a wolf you wouldn't be asking if he was a wolf, you'd be peeing your pants and demanding we leave" like, a wolf is as tall when lying down as most dogs are standing. here, see for yourself. Lab
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    Dog - (this is a wolf in Alaska that found an unfenced dog park and slowly over the course of months learned how to hang out and have fun with the dogs)

    All we see is: big dog and bigger dog. Are we biased because of our love for wolves? Probably. Come on though, look at him, there's so much fluff to cuddle here, and the belly scratchies would require two whole hands. That sounds kind of amazing to us, not even going to lie. 

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    Dog - weasowl SO BIG THO - here, have some more examples
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    Dog - We
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    Human body - shrewreadings Follow I love how wolves & humans - so disparately sized - looked at each other and said, 'Huh. That looks friend-shaped.' 140,914 notes
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    Human body - indy-ripper DIRE WOLVES l think they were like TWICE the size of a modern wolf if this scares ya imagine a dire wolf going after you!
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    Human body - jadepersonaldriscal This is why I love wolfs and want to see one so bad. Probably inside a zoo or rehabilitation center instead of you know, the wild, but yeah. I love them.

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