Condescending People Who Took Food Snobbery To The Next Level

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    Who wants to bet that this person is not Japanese?

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    According to the Redditor who shared this, this uppity individual didn't even bother to tip or answer the door.

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    If you expect this much effort from the restaurant (you expect fancy plating for delivery??) and delivery person, the least you can do is throw them a few bucks for their clearly thankless labor. Truly despicable.

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    Who hurt this person??

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    UK Indian food has been a thing for a long time. Seems like this condescending food snob is just ill-informed. 

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    Who's gonna tell this person that milk, white wine, celery AND carrots are in the classic recipe for Bolognese? Italian-American cuisine is it's own thing. There's more to Italian than the red sauce, believe us. 

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    Newsflash: Omelets are folded in France. And even in Japan. 

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    While it's grating that this Polish person is gatekeeping Italian cuisine, there are pizzas that feature a cooked sauce. Plenty of them. 

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    While we really hope this is a joke, the comments in the New York Times cooking app have us doubting our judgment. Good luck finding that ewe.

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    "You probably won't understand."

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    Ever think that maybe recipe writers try to use ingredients that people can actually find at the grocery store?

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    Well, this is something we've never heard before.

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    Cook better, like me, you absolute loser!

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    So basically what they're saying is that poor people can't be good cooks. Got it.

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    Get off your sea salt-flecked high horse.

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    This wannabe food expert got SERVED by someone who, y'know, actually knows what they are talking about.

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    The title is literally "kimbap." We're guessing this "sushi chef" has no idea what that is.

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    This @TheLazerBear person really has a point.

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    Who else wants to tell this person to get over themselves?

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    As a New Yorker, I take offense to this.

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    This was a response to a post about how you shouldn't touch wheelchairs/canes/crutches because they're an extension of the disabled person's body. Let that sink in.

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    While we can understand the confusion over "taco seasoning," what the hell is wrong with using a spatula?

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    Ah, yes. The classic ketchup controversy.

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    Why can't we just let people enjoy ketchup?

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    Milk purists tend to forget that 65% of the human race is unable to digest lactose.

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