Fifteen Spot On Memes Which Would Not Have Worked A Year Ago

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    Organism - Knight @knightsglow Sep 3, 2020 I really felt bad for y'all with March, April & May birthdays this year but still I JUST KNEW it wouldn't be me because my shit is all the way in October. Here we are, together as one ... 1.2K 27 52.5K 394.6K

    Alas, here we are again in March. I do kinda still feel bad for my March, April & May birthday friends because they are going to have TWO birthdays during this BS. It is what it is. But also, I'm not planning any birthday parties for them. Sorry, trying to get out of this sooner rather than later. Y'all will be receiving E-cards <3.

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    Font - Ælice @slicey_sl... · May 21, 2020 so happy to learn they've lifted social distancing rules for those who peaked in high school. party on girlies! •.. 108 27 28.1K 215.7K

    Love this. Yep! Only the people who bullied everyone in high school are apparently allowed to party these days. I never got the memo personally, but maybe these people were just so cool that they get the info first.

    I suppose it makes sense, they really ruined High School, and now they're ruining everyone's adult lives as well! Sounds legit.

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    Rectangle - a collaged thing. @byshefon Sep 24, 2020 my son from his room : THEY IN HERE TALKING ABOUT VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS 153 L7 12.6K 123.9K a collaged thing. @byshefon Sep 24, 2020 it's been a week and he's fed up f ... 27 140 7K
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    Facial expression - @pat_reeks · Jun 20, 2020 pls keep wearing masks idc if it's hard to breathe y'all are ugly •.. 205 t7 45.7K 199.9K
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    Font - bell shooks @fridahalo · Feb 13 •.. they needa distribute the vaccine the same way apple did us with that U2 album 181 2I 20.3K 153K
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    Rectangle - not farhan @farhank_117 · Jan 14 I'm fucking dying my sister has detention on teams. They have to sit in silence with the camera on •.. LMAO000O0000000000000000 818 L7 32.9K 467.7K


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