Deranged, Barbie-Obsessed Woman Lives in Life Size, Ridiculous, Pink Fantasy Mansion With a Pink Car, Tiny Dog, and 100 Pairs of Pink Sunglasses



It’s not Wednesday, but we’re wearing pink anyways!


Normally people grow out of their childhood fantasies by the time that they are able to make enough money to afford to make their doll-house dreams come true. One Brazilian TikToker, Bruna Barbie, takes her childhood to the next level and has created an entire persona, look, lifestyle, and PINK MANSION to make her own life into a Barbie Dream House. And her little dog too!



My real Barbie dream house!



Her dream mansion is SO pink on the outside and pink on the inside that I’m getting a migraine just looking at it. At first glance, it’s clear that this crazy building was made for a fanatical person. Once we get a look at the entire place, it becomes even more obvious that the detailed replicas of this home are the workings of a mastermind. A master of what? We may never know.


The house is equipped with a pink pool, the Mattel-certified pink fiat, and pink decor that would make any interior designer faint. So much glitter and feathers.


Beyond the house, Bruna has given her face, makeup, mannerisms, and wardrobe a complete makeover to emulate all things Barbie. It looks like with her constant makeup tutorials, Shein clothing haul videos, and tours of her pink carpeted home that this is all an act to gain a following on TikTok, however, in my opinion, it looks like this woman is truly off her rocker.


Pretty in Pink


Like the Lizard-faced man of the early 2000’s, Bruna Barbie has completely lost herself in a role that she is playing for the public. It honestly looks as if her home, which she lives in, is a set for a weird, nightmarish XXX rated doll fantasy film. With an unused kitchen, an impractical DYED pool, and a closet that has its own wing in the house, followers must be getting a little concerned.


Quite the opposite actually.


Due to the rising publicity surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Bruna’s page has skyrocketed in popularity. Bruna has over 18 million followers who are intrigued by her fantastic lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons, whether it is the pure fascination of watching the intimate details of her circus-act of a life, or if people genuinely love getting their eyeballs seared by blazing hot pink everywhere, Bruna has found a niche. 


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