Chick on Tinder Loses Her Grip After Cancelled Date, Responds With Alarming Insanity-Ridden Essay

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    Brace yourself, a storm is coming

    Hair - Happy Saturday 29 3 miles away RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND X
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    Text - 99 % o00 AT&T 2:04 PM Today 1:44 PM We can meet tonight yeah 7? I actually just made other plans. I didn't think I was going to hear back from you. Sorry Hahahaha really bro? Fucking really? No need to applpgize lol. The only sorry one is you ugly ass faggot You look like a damn troll lol No need to say sorry I was just gonna use you for free drinks lol You're so ugly why would you mess up an opportunity w me? Loser lol. Haha Bc I didn't respond within 2 min to your text? Bitch I have a l
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    Text - 96 % 000 AT&T 2:15 PM 16 Text Message Today 2:14 PM You're an ugly ass ginger troll who looks like one of the gremlins/elves from lord of the rings. Quit lying and pretending like you get pussy & have plans Bc we all know you don't and you're just mad I blew your faggot ass off lol. ;) Don't be dumb.;) did you actually think a girl as hot as me would actually meet you? Sweetie. Such an amateur. I already have plans tonight I just said yeah in case I needed to use you as a backup for free
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