Fourteen Emails People Regretfully Can Never Take Back

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    Font - 3:21 PM 1o: Ellyza Regarding your previous e-mail Hello Ellyza, Regarding your previous email I think you have made a mistake on the file that you have attached. I believe you were trying to send me your Physics assignment however I instead got a file called "Namjoon thirst videos At first I thought you just renamed the file wrong so I opened the video, I was wondering why this 'Namjoon' of yours is thirsty and I was expecting some water drinking video. I was wrong. Don't be embarrassed w

    If I received this message from my professor I would simply respond, and say thank you,  and then buy a one-way ticket to Siberia, because I can never show my face in their physics class ever again.

    Though, maybe Ellyza's professor lowkey enjoyed the videos. It's possible she really did him a favor in the end.

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    Product - Artist friend has been unsuccessfully searching for work this Next > past year. This was accidentally included with every single email. 23 Views 路 February 23 2016

    It is possible that this picture was the reason his friend hasn't been able to find work, but then again, this is art. The right person would take one look at that Pikachu Jesus and say, "This is my kinda artist," and book him in a second. Personally, I feel very invested and would like to know the inspiration behind this masterpiece.

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    Rectangle - Hey asshole Inbox x 10:21 AM (3 hours ago) to me I just wanted to say fuck you for failing me last spring when I had a a+ on my Blackboard and you gave me an E because of my attendance. You fucked my whole College career up for like. You a pussy 10:22 AM (3 hours ago) Life 10:41 AM (3 hours ago) to me Wrong person , sorry A Reply > Forward <>
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    Font - sisterofiris Follow Hey students, here's a pro tip: do not write an email to your prof while you're seriously sick. Signed, a person who somehow came up with "dear hello, I am sick and not sure if l'll be alive to come tomorrow and I'm sorry, best slutantions, [name]". yay855 Follow I mean, if someone wrote that to me, l'd probably believe they were sick. rox-and-prose Follow "Slutantions" has me crying laughing hydro-punk Follow i once emailed my professor with a migraine. a mistake. "I
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    Font - and-down-we-go: My Mom just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting firm... It was supposed to say 'l am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting" but she hit send when all it said was Hi Jeffrey, I am afraid
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    Font - PJ ... @kickthepj I accidentally signed off a business email with "brest" instead of "best" so I'm just letting you know that l'm moving to another planet 10:45 PM 路 Sep 30, 2019 路 Twitter for iPhone
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    Facial expression - Ely Kreimendahl @ElyKreimendahl 路 Mar 10 鈥.. just accidentally responded to a work email: "I'm sorry l'm not taking Jew clients right now!" then, realizing in horror, two seconds later "NEW clients! I'm jewish actually! Ahhh HAHAHHA sorry about that! Warmly, Ely" 70 27 60 3.7K
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    Font - JoyAt6 @theJoyAt6 I meant to say, "Stay in touch!" in an email to 100 students. I accidentally said, "Stay and touch." #OddWaysToEndAnEmail %3D 8:40 PM 路 Nov 4, 2019 路 Twitter for Android
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