Bartenders Reveal Their Wildest Encounters With Rowdy Customers

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    Font - r/AskReddit · Posted by u/Adexiss 23 days ago 2 7 28 3 3 6 Bartenders of reddit, what is the weirdest thing that you have ever witnessed at your job ?

    This is a question we've all been wondering for some time now!!! Bars always get super rowdy - and I've been guilty of being white girl wasted a few times too many. But definitely not THIS wasted and insane. Scroll down for the funniest, craziest things that bartenders have experienced. 

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    Facial expression - Ok_Book_308 23 days ago S) A guy who pissed himself sitting on a a barstool and then wanted to fight me when I cut him off and wouldn't serve him a new drink.

    My heart hurts for this guy. Where were his friends when he needed them most?! Even though this guy was obviously going through stuff, my heart hurts even more for the bartender that had to deal with the piss. 

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    Font - theriveryeti 23 days ago S 2 Car plowed into the bar I was working in, coming all the way in, and flipping a pool table on its side. Pinned three off duty Applebee's waitresses against the bar. No one was hurt and the woman who was driving tried to order a drink.
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    Font - mistahfritz 23 days ago I once witnessed a woman openly fondling herself (dress hiked up, underwear pulled aside) in the middle of a not super busy bar. It was very obvious she wanted people to see. The weird part was, after a bar back yelled at her and told to stop or get out, a guy walked up to the bar back and said "don't talk to my wife like that" This really happened.
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    Font - juggernautjefe81 23 days ago Used to have a regular who sold her time on Backpage. She loved our queso so she always had the guys bring her there. What stuck out was that she always ordered Jagermeister and Diet Coke. In the same glass. I once had to kick her out because she got so wasted she was giving a blowjob under one of our tables. When I could clearly see the dick in her mouth she lies about what she's doing and says she is looking for something
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    Font - sla1ky 23 days ago A pretty dodgy woman came in to the pokies room in our venue (gambling/slot machine equivalent that we have in Australia) and demanded for us to find an outlet for her to plug in her charger for her phone, so we found her a machine near an outlet and left her to her devices. Later one of our staff was waved down by another stressed patron who said that a woman was moaning in the pokies room - went in to find out she'd actually plugged in a vibrator and was going to town
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    Font - Budobear 23 days ago Lots of funny things at new year when everyone is in fancy dress, sad older guys who have drank so much they haven't noticed their wig has slipped. The weirdest is definitely having a mariachi band burst in through the door of the pub, play two songs and leave! Keep in mind this is the UK, it was a dark rainy mid week night. I don't know where they came from or where they went after but while they played they had the attention of everyone in the pub.
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    Font - Surealestateguy 23 days ago 3 A heavy set middle eastern man was drinking heavy and got very drunk at my bar. When he went to the restroom his prime rib dinner had arrived. I think he shot-up some smack in the stall cause when he came way drunker. He then cut a long big strip of prime rib, about the size of a thick hot dog, then while glaring at me, threw his head back and proceeded to swallow it whole like a baby bird would a worm from its mother. It of course got stuck in his throat cho
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    Font - PhillipOliverHoles 23 days ago· edited 23 days ago Gordon Ramsay walked in, ordered a 1/2 sized margarita, and told me it was perfect after he finished it. he was a fucking gentleman and even bowed and said thank you on the way out. I later learned they were filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares around the corner and he knew the chef who owned the restaurant where I was bartending. He came in the next night too. I had a convo with fucking Gordon Ramsay two days in a row.
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    Font - Djeff_ 23 days ago One lady(older, mid 50's) walked up to two younger guys, barely 21 and said "I got big hands and a tight pussy" I had to tell her to leave them alone, she was very drunk there regularly.
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    Font - Marquetan 23 days ago A lady came in and very casually asked for a pack of camel crush and a glass of milk. I asked her if she wanted ice in it as it was a hot Texas summer day. She said no then went out to the patio to smoke her cigs and drink her milk.
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    Font - joebeck1978 23 days ago Bartender in a strip club here: Amateur night, rando girl hops up on stage, crowd loooooves it. She uses water to make stage slippery. Slides around, overshoots and flies off the stage, somehow straddling the arm of a broken metal chair, cuts her crack/butthole way wide open. Needs to go to hospital. I was in nursing school so I assessed her injury..bad. Bad bad bad.
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    Font - Icy-Pin-8226 23 days ago S Former bartender. Weirdest? Probably the guy with one leg asking me if I wanted to fuck him. He said a lot chicks get off on stumps. I have a few other things, but it's not worth thinking about. Being a bartender made me realize how much I dislike most people. A more weirdly serendipitous moment was on a Halloween night when I was closing up and forgot to lock the front door, a very tall man stumbled in with vomit on the front of his shirt.I kept telling him he
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    Font - rasslinsmurf 23 days ago Former bouncer here. This kid was dead set on getting into the club one night. Clearly underaged, I turned him away when his fake ID didn't work. An hour later, he walks up with a box of Christmas decorations, saying he was so sorry for being late with the decorations (it was August). I turned him away again. An hour or so later, a foot crashes through the ceiling. The kid climbed on to the roof looking for a way inside. My boss jabbed at him with a mop and he ret

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About the Author

Abby is a wandering soul who is incapable of staying in one place for too long. Her passions include travel, dance, karaoke, meditation, and cheesy fries. When she's not clacking away at her laptop and talking shit on the internet, you can find her tearing up the dance floor on a night out on the town.