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Catching Some Sunbeams With Fresh Dog Memes

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    Water - When you're comfortable with being yourself around others

    Or alternatively: when you're comfortable being yourself around your amazing, most loving, bestest dog. I mean, can you really say that there is anyone more accepting of our weirdness than our pets? The things my cats have seen me do... I'm surprised they still let me cuddle them at all LOL.

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    Dog - diacrit: hanesonly: I almost forgot my briefcase! it contains important lab results

    Seriously though, can we take a moment to appreciate how much joy dogs bring to literally every place ever? All of the offices out there that allow dogs are by far the best offices. Nothing guarantees a better work environment than a furball of joy running around and asking everyone for head rubs. 

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    Dog - If heaven exists then this is what u see at its gates
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    Dog - THEDODO.COM Dog Finds And Guards Family's Bread Whenever They Leave The House It ainit müch, but it's honest work
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    Food - he hate the tomate.
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    Dog - heck
  • 7
    Automotive tire - holy cracker, i forgot my briefcase
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    Dog - When someone forces you to go out and you actually have fun
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    Dog - When ur pet falls asleep on u and the fear of disturbing them paralyzes u
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    Flower - This picture of a father saying goodbye to his daughter on her wedding day is touching
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    Dog - me: why tf does my back hurt? also me:
  • 12
    Dog - "Your crush is coming, get it together girl" Me:
  • 13
    Dog - Nobody: Murderer documentaries: He was a good boy Until he wasn't
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    Dog - When you hear someone breaking into the house but you always get in trouble for barking [Barks interally]
  • 15
    Rectangle - There used to be a bed in there
  • 16
    Dog - Such a good boye DAYCARE REPORT CARD Cty Dess Today I observed _Charle A lovelaffection playful/outgoing shyltimid followlisten to commands aggression excessive barking dog fight bite/scratch Comments: Charlie was very Playful with Buek.
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    Photograph - While all the other dogs in the park were playing around, he read a book with his human uban rato ASSACETO EUROPE
  • 18
    Dog - When you know he didn't throw the ball but you look anyways Why are you like this?
  • 19
    Dog - Imagine getting distracted and then seeing your dog with the nuggets like this
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  • 20
    Dog - Ме: Dog: Me: Suddenly drops down 2 inches Dog:
  • 21
    Flooring - s tohno untexting FREE HIM
  • 22
    Dog - [Speed Date] Girl: Yeah, I'm into bad boys Dog: *Stands up* I think we're done here

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