Women Toast To Things They Did Which Were So Out Of Character Even They Were Surprised

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    Font - Posted by u/theanuragnandi 17 hours ago What's the craziest or most out-of-character thing you've ever done?

    This question is so open-ended. We've all led such different lives, and we all have different fears and inhibitions. So I knew the responses were gonna be all over the place, and I was so satisfied with the results. The ladies of Reddit know always know how to make me laugh and keep me inspired! 

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    Font - WarningGipsyDanger 16 hours ago I was at six flags with an acquaintance and our daughters. I didn't want to be there but I was; I actually wanted a funnel cake, bad. I waited more than 3 hours to only spend another 40 or so in a line to buy one. I then for some reason watch person after person walk away with one and I'm still waiting. I flag someone down and they bring me one. I go to take a bite and it's stiff/hard. I go back up into the line and get told they are now sold out and I'm si

    Who knew someone could feel so personally victimized by funnel cake? Next time this woman should eat before she leaves the house because funnel cake is her friend and she shouldn't have drama with funnel cake. Otherwise, who can you trust anymore?! 

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    Human body - Paperbagprincess92 16 hours ago Streaked in college. I'm such an introvert
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    Rectangle - albino_oompa_loompa 16 hours ago Definitely out of character. At my first job out of college, my coworker begged me to join the company softball team with her. And I did, and I was horrible. But I still stuck it out for a season!
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    Font - futureclarinetist 16 hours ago I was feeling really low about myself and I was regretting being a coward and not going after my crush from university. So I thought I should get my first kiss out of the way. I found two different guys on an app to get my first kiss. I did not like the first guy. Scratchy facial hair. I asked him to leave. By the time the second but I still went to get coffee guy came, I had realized what a dumb idea that was, with him. I can't believe how stupid I was to p
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    Font - ToiletPaperGanon 15 hours ago Hid in the bushes at a night club near Milan when the security were being jerks. (Mind you, this was less than a year after the attack on Le Bataclan. I now understand them.) The crew knew and liked me, so they didn't rat me out when I was stealthily sneaking closer to the venue, Assassin's Creed style. My hood was up, my underwear had gotten off hours ago and I was pissed, lol. I wasn't having this new security protocol. It was both hilarious and tragic. One
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    Handwriting - This-is-not-eric 13 hours ago After years of crippling depression, anxiety & agoraphobia I suddenly bought a plane ticket to fly to foreign country all by myself as a form of extreme exposure therapy.
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    Font - sunshineandflipflops 16 hours ago I'm a very mild mannered soft spoken person. I rarely lose my shit. One day a neighbor came over to my house to play in the pool with her kids. I went inside to pee and came back out to her trying to feel up my husband. He told her to leave and she tried to touch him again. I lost my shit. To this day my husband happily tells people about the time I went batshit crazy on one of our neighbors. I am pretty sure it is his favorite story.
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    Font - SnooPickles3213 14 hours ago I don't swear much, mostly because I believe in saving cuss words for when REALLY want people to listen. I was in a foreign country for work, working with a group of about a dozen American college students. We went on a "field trip" to a kind of national park. At one point, our group guide was trying to get everyone you to quiet down so that we wouldn't scare off some of the wildlife, but these yahoos weren't paying attention. I hadn't said much of anything on
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    Facial expression - trdrps 12 hours ago When my first boyfriend and I broke up, I went full on crazy ex girlfriend mode. He broke up with me because he liked someone else and I was devastated. I got into all of his social media accounts because I knew the passwords, just to see if he was dating that girl. I do regret it, but it taught me a lot.
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    Font - sweetpeazus 10 hours ago Growing up I had horrible anxiety about having sleepovers at anyone's house. I just liked my own room with all my stuff and had trouble being away from that comfort. It continued into adulthood until one day I applied to be a flight attendant and now I live out of a suitcase and don't know where I'll be spending most nights. Literally packed two suitcases and moved from Hawaii to Chicago to start a new life.
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    Human body - Hedgehogchick 12 hours ago Went up the down escalator in Sears (or maybe JC Penny). The store was really empty minus me, my sisters and my nieces. None of them thought I really would. I did. And got yelled at by one of the employees.


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