I Can Has Cheezburger?

Making Some Noise For The Bestest Boys (Dog Memes)

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    Font - LaLalyds @LaLa_Lyds My husband just walked in, told the dog how cute he is, and how much he loves him. Held his face in his hands, stared into his eyes, and gave him forehead kisses. Then left the room. I'm sitting right next to the dog.

    Who are we kidding here, huh? We would all do and are doing the same thing. Priorities, yo, the dog has to come first always no matter what. Of course, he would kiss the dog first, and you know what, instead of acting surprised, you should admit that, in reality, you do the exact same thing. Or at least you should be lol.

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    Felidae - I must study you

    This is exactly the kind of doggo purity that we always talk about. The pure joy on this pupper's face at seeing this shell pupper for the first time is amazing. No wonder we love dogs so much. Given enough time together, we're sure that turtles would fall in love with dogs just as we have. 

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    Dog - When the uber driver looks like a serial killer but you get in the car anyway cause you've got places to be
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    Dog - When you walk away from your computer but forgot you're wearing earphones
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    Wheel - Me:Stop digging in the yard My dog: Dude that's Fresh prvw LADER
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    Dog - I grew up without the internet OK Groomer Memecenter.com
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    Dog - Just found out you can get a Poodle crossed with a Saint Bernard Saint Bernoodle
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    Dog - badgyal tina belcher £NSKLO... @NSKL_ Me at my first bottomless brunch when this panoramic is all over:
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    Cat - When you thought the argument was over & you're at peace, but she's not..
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    Dog - Meanwhile in the Suez Canal...
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    Dog - Groomer took my dog from loveable teddy bear to sewer rat on heroin hertwip
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    Dog - My coworker wanting to discuss his treat allowance
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    Photograph - haikatte Follow @haikatte I only have four moods HEAR GREYH ADO NERVOUS I NEVER GET ANY ATTENTION PLEASE HELP AND PET ME III PLEASOIVE ME SPACE Helo gay
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    Dog - Lobster For Sale $50 D Dimitri The Village Farms Selling my lobster, Goose, I love him dearly however it is time he found a new friend, great with kids and pets, my dog is a little nervous around him but with proper training I'm sure your dog will love him just as much as I hope you will. He gets fussy when he isn't taken for a walk, he mainly eats small fish, however I have found that he loves a small piece of orange after dinner as desert. He hates any music by Johnny cash, if you play i
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    Dog - rember wenu feel scare never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark alway rember hapy day
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    Font - i wish dogs lived longer and life wasnt so expensive and leftover fries still tasted good heated up
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    Dog - he doze he pose but most importantly, he lick hims nose
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    Dog - Eat more spagooters @PavlovTheCorgi
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    Dog - when i encounter any small obstacle ever theworldpolice
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    Dog - I BOUGHT yOu PhTIck

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