I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    Cat - When someone says you look nice and it makes you feel nice.

    Nothing quite like getting a random compliment in the middle of the day - about anything, not just what you look like. Though there is something special about being told you look nice, it tends to leave me more confident for the rest of the day. Compliments are powerful, don't forget to give them to other people too <3.

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    Plant - flamin nora @katierpacker the sheer drama of this stand off has made my day

    The narrative tension… nail biting. Will the line be crossed? And by whom? This is a movie waiting to happen, only that we don't know if it should be made by Disney or by HBO. We would watch either one of them probably, and we know that no matter what, the ending of this story will be worth it. 

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    Water - I wish I had this cow's peace of mind. I already have its body.
  • 4
    Vertebrate - SORRY BRO SEATS TAKEN
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  • 5
    Snow - geneslug a kiss Source: corporation-cat3
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  • 7
    Vertebrate - Amy Brittain O @AmyJBrittain The neighborhood kids left a stick pile and wrote in sidewalk chalk, "For dogs, grab a stick here. Please take one." and it's maybe the most wholesome thing l've ever seen
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  • 8
    Cat - Psycholégiste L @Anthropolegiste What kind of snake is this
  • 9
    Shorts - fullmemetalalchemist Follow why are the pigeons so green eggcats Follow chlorophyll
  • 10
    Product - Almost died when my towel blinked at me
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  • 11
    Water - God Said: "He is a good boy"
  • 12
    Cat - Do it, Debra Pull the trigger
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  • 14
    Photograph - Benny Howard @benny_thejet89 My dog and pig grew up together and are the cutest best friends ever
  • 15
    Water - Teacher: why are you laughing? Me: nothing. Me (in my mind): Algaetor.
  • 16
    Dog - My French Bulldog and her French fries MCNugget
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  • 17
    Computer - Living Morganism @ok_girlfriend when you just wanna do your zoom call but your cat wants to start an onlyfans ASANL
  • 18
    Product - ryhs @realrhyys she's a glass of milk

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