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Grumpy Dogs Outperform Friendly Dogs On Some Learning Tests

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    "Dogs are social learners, meaning they can see what another (dog or person) does and then learn to do the same. In the earlier work, dogs that occupied a dominant position in a multi-dog home were hopeless at learning by watching other dogs while the more submissive dogs, perhaps practiced at keeping an eye on what other dogs were up to, did very well. But when a person demonstrated the solution, all the dogs performed the same."

    Interesting! We are not sure if this doggo is in the mood to learn,  but he sure does look grumpy!

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    Dog - AIRB

    When further describing the experiment, the New York Times further reported: 'Owners filled out a questionnaire. And the dogs themselves did some tests as well. After conducting a statistical analysis of the results, from both the survey of owners and the dog tests, researchers concluded that a set of dog characteristics ranging from high levels of activity to snapping or snarling all belonged in the same category.

    That stank eye is all a trick! This little fella is a quick, productive learner. He knows it and we are sure his parents do too.

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