I Can Has Cheezburger?

21 Adoption Stories, Filled With Love And Gratitude

  • 1

    "This beautiful girl was going to be destroyed."


    "On her last day nobody came forward to save her, and I just knew I couldn't let it happen. So I now looking after a very sweet and affectionate cat."

    Everyone deservers a chance, even the "less than purrfect" cats among us. Thank you for giving this cat the chance that it needed. 

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  • 2

    "So, I adopted my first cat"


    "He's a senior with arthritis, kidney disease, and bad teeth, but he's the absolute sweetest boy; it was love at first sight. He's only been here for an hour, but he seems to be settling into his retirement home nicely."

  • 3

    "After 30 Years of Begging My Parents For A Dog, We Compromised and I Moved Out, Got A Gf and Got A Dog. Meet Zeus! (Border Collie/Australian Shepard)"

  • 4

    "Adopted a 12 year old cat. Her look tells me she's thankful and I'm smitten"

    Glasses - TH ALL ARE
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  • 5

    "My in-laws just got a new pup—say hello to Monster!!"

  • 6

    "Meet Harvey, his last night sleeping at the shelter was yesterday. Tonight and for the rest of his life he will sleep like a KING."

  • 7

    "We found this little guy on a walk in the forest the other night. He was climbing up a cactus, crying, with a little infection, and all alone...now we have a cat."

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  • 8

    "After 5 years in a flat, we finally bought a house. That could only mean one thing. Meet Mango."

  • 9

    "These two traveled 6,800 miles with me to start their forever life in the US"

  • 10

    "The kitten we are fostering."

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  • 11

    "Say hello to out new boy, Jasper"

  • 12

    "Found him on street hes in good hands now"

  • 13

    "Today I snuck home a kitten with too many toes. Wish me luck!"

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  • 14

    "The orange kitten I rescued from under my stairs two days ago already knows how to pose like a supermodel."

  • 15

    "Newest member of our family , little Autumn"

  • 16

    "Meet my new adorable child: Beau"

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  • 17

    "A fantastic blep from my newly adopted blind old kitty, Ambrose"

  • 18

    "My parents adopted a 2 year old cat and an unrelated 12 week old kitten, they've become fast friends"

  • 19

    "My friend recently got a new kitten and he just sent me this!"

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  • 20

    "Our newest addition! Meet Orion."

  • 21

    "Just adopted this boy. I think he’s feeling at home."


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