21 Thirsty Thursday Fails to Wet Your Whistle

  • 1

    That moment when you should've called an Uber before taking your pants off

    fail image sports fan ends up passed out drunk and pantless in stadium bathroom
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  • 2

    Barkeep! Another round for me and my friends.

  • 3

    This Drunk Dude Is Having a War With His Skis and We’re All The Winner

    drunk dude can't get skis on
  • 4

    Too drunk to let the escalator do the work

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  • 5

    When do I get to become an adult?

    woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
  • 6

    I want a Drinkable Arrangement asap

    Thursday meme with pic of a bouquet of Jack Daniels bottle
  • 7

    Zero chill

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  • 8

    The McFlip FAIL

  • 9

    Putting the P in Bellyflop

  • 10

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Thursday meme with gif of guy breaking a breathalyzer
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  • 11

    Let the dress do the talking and standing

    Thirsty Thursday meme of woman falling on a pol and getting her dress stuck in it
  • 12

    Looney Tunes drunk

    Thirsty Thursday meme with pic of guy taken through the door he just broke
  • 13

    One size fits all

    Thirsty Thursday meme with pic of car key stuck in door's keyhole
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  • 14

    Where is this questionaire?

    Thirsty Thursday meme with a checkbox marked by a drunk person
  • 15

    Classic never goes out of style.

  • 16

    Drunk Bro Consents to KO Slap Another Drunk Bro and He Goes Down Faster Than a Shot of Whiskey

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  • 17

    Make Sure You Get My Good Side

    underage girl posts drinking behind the wheel to facebook
  • 18

    First Born FAIL

    A Lesson in Safety (Past and Present)
  • 19

    Being Cute and Being Drunk Simultaneously is Hard Bro

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  • 20

    The tension in this one is real

  • 21

    He left his shoes on.

    Thirsty Thursday meme with pic of passed out guy with Van Gogh's Starry Night drawn on him


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