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Heartwarming Cat Rescues And Being Accepted By Other Pets (Tweets)

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    Cat - Michael's Cat @michaelscat2 I saved a kitten when it was raining heavily. And this is when I brought it home with my cat. 12:11 AM May 15, 2021 - PyTwitterAssistant for michaelsc 24.6K Retweets 1,047 Quote Tweets 88.6K Likes

    This story is wholesome and heartwarming from every possible direction. Not only did this person do the most amazing thing by rescuing this kitten and bringing it to their home, but the cat accepting this kitten and hugging it in this way is the most adorable thing in the world. 

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    Rectangle - Bee ... @cavillclarke Replying to @michaelscat2 Bless them. It took weeks for my 3-year old cats to warm up to our new kitten. They are still a bit hostile towards him, in the sense that they don't let him sleep near them. They do play with him though and seem to miss him when he isn't around.

    Sometimes, it really does take a while for cats to get used to new beings in their house, but it's worth it anyway. In time, we hope that these cats warm up to this new furball even more and take him into their little cuddle piles. But even if they won't, it might just be the case that they're showing the little guy love in different ways that you may not have noticed <3

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    Product - Nathan ... @Hogdini Replying to @michaelscat2 Our critters are quite fond of the new foster kitten. 8:19 PM - May 15, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 205 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 1,966 Likes
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    Rectangle - Nathan @Hogdini Replying to @aurora_joon and @michaelscat2 Tater Tot. She was found under the hood of a car parked at Sonic last weekend. 9:18 PM - May 15, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Photograph - Angry Beaver ... @CanuckCritter Replying to @michaelscat2 and @zeusanna Ditch kittens are the best. I rescued this little beauty exactly a month after I had to send my dog off to the Rainbow Bridge. Her name is Haven.
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    Cat - hkfan1 ... @hkfan1 Replying to @michaelscat2 I rescued a cat who was meowing under our house for a whole weekend. We brought her to the vets & now she lives with us
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    Dog - ami ... @amisauce Replying to @michaelscat2 Several years ago I saved a kitten from the engine of my car. This happened almost immediately. We kept him
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    Cat - Richard J. Marcej @baboonbooks Replying to @FeelGoodPage11 This brother & sister have been together (with me) for 11 years now. They have their animosity towards each other from time to time, but I the end...
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    Cat - badsharkgirl @badsharkgirl ... Replying to @FeelGoodPage11 When we brought home his baby brother
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    Cat - kAgeyamanja @fatinnajiha48 ... Replying to @michaelscat2 un
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    Font - LKMV, MD A (She/her/hers) ... @GAkiddoc Replying to @michaelscat2 and @DrJenGunter So sweet! We adopted a shelter kitten to keep our other cat company. The older female cat hissed, growled and swatted at him from day one. The kitten is a couple of years old now, they play together sometimes, but she still hisses and growls at him daily. Glad yours is nicer!
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    Nose - Rawan Habib ... @RaHabib_ Replying to @michaelscat2 and @Dr_Reemothman

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