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Adopting 5 Awwdorably Feisty Feral Kittens (Viral Thread)

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    "I took in 5 feral kittens. They were found in an old pig pen. There were dogs living near by so we knew it wasn’t safe to leave them there."


    There are not that many people out there who would have doe this for these adorable kittens. Going out of your way, knowing that they most likely won't survive without help, then not only rescuing them but actually taking them into your home... is incredible. We are so, so thankful that you did that for them.

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    "They were pretty scared at first and didn’t really come out of their carrier."


    Is makes sense that it took them a while, considering the terrifying situation they were in previous. Mistrust is only natural in such a case. But, seeing that they have warmed up to you later on points to how amazingly you treat them, and we find ourselves grateful yet again, hoping that there are more people like you in the world. 

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    "I had them set up in a large dog crate with everything they needed."

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    "This was the day I knew they were ready to start exploring the rest of the room!"

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    "This is Winston (black head and tail, white body) and Roadhog (grey head and tail, white body) on the first day that they climbed into my lap. It was so exciting to see the hard work of socializing them pay off!'

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    "Winston was the first to come around to people. He’s so goofy and cuddly that I fell in love immediately."

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    "Roadhog followed in his brother’s footsteps but he continues to be a pretty independent and playful cat."

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    "Tiny Tim is like the little brother of the group. He stayed shy for a long time after his brothers. He continued to hiss and spit even after his brothers were already crawling in my lap."


    "This picture is from the day that he learned what pets were. He instantly melted and became a huge cuddle bug."

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    "This is Moira (black with white belly) and Mercy (grey with white belly). The girls."


    "Both very shy at first. Mercy came around eventually and now LOVES love. She will purr and purr when she gets pet. Moira isn't quite on board with people yet. She's still wary and unsure."

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    "As you can see, she’s a bit suspicious."

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    "The boys!"

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    "Roadhog sleeps in the weirdest positions. He spreads his body out across whatever he can reach."

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    "Winston likes to sleep on my chest."

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    "Here’s the full squad! They’re so active that it’s hard to get them all in one shot."

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    "Hopefully they bring some joy to somebody! They’ve brought a ton to me."


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