Relatable Tumblr Posts About People Who Swing Both Ways, If You Know What We Mean

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    Organism - karen from finance @wxtchunt months ago i saw a tweet that said "bi people take so long in the bathroom because they're tucking their shirts back in" and i think about it every single fucking time im in the bathroom tucking my shirt back in 12:33 PM · 6/7/19 · Twitter for Android 2,715 Retweets 10.6K Likes

    Why is this a thing we are all just realizing. Bi-sexuals, all of the genders, just freaking love to tuck in their shirts. It's honestly a phenomenon that needs to be researched. Maybe we crave the stability of having a clean appearance because everything else can get out of hand.

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    Sharing - dudes who look like they havent stept in 6 years my guys with dad bods bisexuality people with big curly hair goth gfs tits fuckboy boys with long hair lesbians

    Being bisexual can sometimes mean having very confusing types. Sometimes they go after girls and boys who look the exact same, or ones who straight-up look like they could be their twin. It can be very overwhelming either way.

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    Font - bị culture by The Bi Squad • aviators • leather jackets • denim jackets • striped t-shirts • cuffed jeans • combat boots • rubber band bracelets • flannels • tucking flowers behind your ear • cherries and mangoes • trying to look gay enough that people of the same gender will notice you, but not so gay that people of the opposite gender won't • blanket capes • being both a wine mom and a vodka aunt • doctor who • bagels (or bi-gels) piercings & tattoos • birds • wearing mismatched socks w
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    Font - sugardemon tumblr Follow Bi Culture: that look like they could kill you Being attracted to Sweet Good Bois™ and girls
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    Cartoon - nobody: bisexuals sitting:
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    Water - Love songs with non specific, both she and he, or no pronouns Bisexuals
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    Rectangle - chaoticbard are you a finger guns bisexual or an awkward thumbs up bisexual chaoticbard everyone keeps saying "both" and I suddenly feel regretful I asked a bunch of bisexuals to make a choice
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    Hair - bisexual culture is not knowing whether ur more attracted to thor or his sister hela Imao
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    Font - hannah Black Panther 2018 ****½ Watched Feb 13, 2018 being attracted to both michael b jordan and lupita nyong'o is bi culture
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    Watch - Love for Love for Coke Sprile Women Men PUSH PUSH Me DERY My Bisexual Ass LEOW
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    Font - leen @softedhearts how to be bi in 6 easy steps: 1) be an anxious panicky mess 2) cuffed jeans or sweatpants that have ankle bands 3) bite your nails yet still want to grow them out 4) be soft but you can be a bitch too ùwú 5) finger guns and/or awkward thumbs up 6) probably a writer or an artist
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    Happy - Character I like: *exists* My self projecting ass: i diagnose you with Bisexual
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    World - justlgbtthings tumblr Follow a movie: *has one male and one female as main characters* me: Ah shit, here we go again.
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    Hand - The Weather: *gets slightly warm* My Bisexual Ass: Jean Jacket
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