I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Getting Mildly Startled By Nothing At All

  • 1

    "I itched my leg..."


    Oh, but come on, the sound of itching is terrifying, can you really blame this cat for being mildly surprised? It's human is suddenly being insane, scratching themselves with their claws like some mad-cats, AND the itching sounds suspiciously like hissing. Boom. We've defended this dude. The mild shock is warranted. 

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    "Caught with the trash"


    Here, we are not surprised that the cat is surprised whatsoever. This is a hooligan jerk cat getting caught doing something that it clearly knows it should not be doing. This cat is also adorable, and although playing with the trash is bad, we are weak, and we love this cat, and we hope you gave it some calming pets after this moment of shookness. 

  • 3

    "The bathroom fan turned on"

  • 4

    "he gasp"

    Cat - @friendly.noodles
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  • 5

    "Please do not touch"

  • 6

    "The look she gave me when I told her she wasn’t going to be an only kitty anymore"

  • 7

    "His sister ran by with his toy."

    Cat - NEED IS LOVE
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  • 8

    "I interrupted their synchronized nap time"

  • 9

    "I closed my AirPods case."

  • 10

    "My husband closed the patio door"

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  • 11

    "She’s 3 and this is the face she makes when we put a collar on her for the first time in her life."

    Cat - WOPET
  • 12

    "Marvel the cat reacts at 2020."

    Cat - PRA
  • 13

    "I accidentally took the picture before this with the flash on"

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  • 14

    '"look Noodle, that's you!"'

  • 15

    "A disgruntled and mildly startled puddles"

  • 16

    "Poked my cat"

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  • 17

    "Piper is mildly alarmed. People are working on the exterior windows of the bedroom of my 12th floor condo."

  • 18

    "3am and something spooked her at the front door"


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