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New Internet Sensation Alert: The Perpetually Alarmed Derpy Cat

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    "Oliver always looks alarmed.."


    It's amazing how much this pawdorable cat actually looks alarmed. We didn't think, when we came across this amazing post on imgur, that Oliver actually looks alarmed all the time. We figured that it's just the one picture, caught at the purrfect moment, of Oliver derping out. But oh boy, we we wrong. 

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    "His mouth is usually open, but I’m not sure why."


    And we have never been happier to be wrong about anything. We don't know what this poor kitty saw to get stuck like this. All that we so know is that we would love nothing more than to pet this awwdorable little alarmed face and give this cutie treats. He's lovely, and we're in love. 

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    "He has a perpetual state of surprise"

  • 4

    "Even when he’s actually very relaxed"

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  • 5

    "He is actually super friendly and very snuggly. He loves everyone and enjoys cuddles and pets."

    Cat - Oliver
  • 6

    "I adopted him when he was 5 months old in 2015. He was very sick at the local humane society."

    Cat - HDTU
  • 7

    "Now he is fit as a fiddle!"

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  • 8

    "Weirdly enough, he never, ever meows."

    Cat - ove MERRY CA
  • 9

    "He does love to eat the Christmas tree"

    Christmas tree
  • 10

    "And sit next to me while I work all day"

    Cat - ulait
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  • 11

    "He also puts up with two human kids, two cat siblings, and a dog"

    Cat - andaplanner Co to PandaPlanner.com ght
  • 12

    "The only person he does not like is the mailman, and will growl at him"

  • 13

    "He loves tummy rubs on his big soft belly"

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  • 14

    "And stares at me like this every time I pee"

  • 15

    "Sometimes I wonder if anything is going on behind those eyes"

  • 16

    "*static intensifies*"

    Head - bnner.com
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  • 17

    "He does have some pearly white F A N G S"

  • 18

    "I hope you enjoyed my Oliver exhibition!"


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