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Tumblr Thread: Too Cute Animals Scrambling Peoples' Brains

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    Font - veinitas Follow me when i see a cat: CAT! cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat lurknomoar Fun fact: when I see cute animals, I forget English and automatically revert to my native Hungarian. I don't know what bystanders make of me, reciting guttural gibberish to rabbits.

    Amazingly, we actually do the same thing. All of us here who live in the exact same place not only revert back to our native languages when speaking to cute animals, we also say absolutely the silliest things possible. It's impossible not to do it! Cute animals are just... too cute. 

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    Font - quizzicalqueek Follow But the real question is, what are you SAYING to the rabbits? Is it 'RABBIT! rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit bunny bunny bunny awww cute bunnyyyyy'? lurknomoar Well, I usually say the Hungarian equivalent of 'bun bun bun lil bun look at your tiny spoon-shaped ears awww bun brave little lawnmower bun', but sometimes I say 'hey rabbits, my sister's gonna go to med school' because I think everyone should know.

    We do not know what would be considered more silly - saying ridiculous meaningless things to cute animals or talking to them as if we are talking to human adults. Regardless, goodness knows we will continue to do both. Our animals like it when we have full-blown conversations with them, we're sure of it. 

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    Font - littlegaywitch Follow I live in Japan, and I always revert to English to talk to small animals, and I was cooing at this tiny little fluff machine of a puppy in baby english like “hello you're so cute such a cute hello hello yess you're good" and the 7O year old Japanese lady that was walking him started to *translate the baby talk english into Japanese* for her pup. She wanted to be sure he understood it too.
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    Font - wind-voice Follow ACCURATE.
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    Font - eileenthedeafdog Follow I was at a pet store with Eileen. A woman walked up to us and asked if she could pet her. Eileen's collar has 'Deaf Dog' embroidered on it. The lady asked about it, I confirmed, yes, she's deaf. The lady immediately switched to American Sign Language and asked her how was her day, was she being a good girl, she's so pretty. Eileen was wagging her tail excitedly, knowing that someone is talking to her.
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    Font - invisiblefoxfire Follow I'm a native English speaker living in Czechia and for ages I always tried to speak Czech to animals here because I assumed that's what they would understand, since that's the only language they've heard. Then I realized they probably don't understand the words, just the tone and body language, which is more or less universal. Now I greet them in Czech, check to make sure no locals are watching, then quietly switch to English for the rest of our chat. it is my hope
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    Font - everylesbiansfavouriteex Follow I'm kinda the opposite. My native language isnt english but i basically think in englis so I always talk to my cat like "hi ya little bastard how much fun are you having sitting there on your unreachable box on top of the closet, ya dingus" but in a loving way
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    Font - rebeccasteventaylor Follow Oh, this reminded me - my first language is English and my French fairly basic but when I saw the most adorable little dog in Paris I immediately started babbling to it in French - tres Bon, petit chien, j't'adore. It was the best French I spoke for the entire trip
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    Font - bangtan7enthusiast Follow this week my boss and i had a very serious conversation abt work, and we were walking down the street. I spotted a cat and immediately interrupted the convo by yelling "OH THERES A CAT RIGHT THERE" and she looked at me with those round eyes and she said nothing. she just looked at me. i didn't realize her shock really, and went towards the cat and i was all like "oh a cat look it's so cute i wanna cuddle it lookkkkkk" and i started to realize that was the moment
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    Font - names-are-sound-and-smoke Follow I was on a vacation in Edinburgh and I met a cat there and started talking to it in German - my first language - telling how cute it was and that it should com closer so I could pet it (not quite as articulate, obviously). And then - and I am not proud of this - I stopped, and said in English, to myself, out loud: "I'm so stupid, that's a Scottish cat, of course it only understands English." And then my brain kind of short-circuited, like 'wait, what?', li
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    Font - raccoononcaffeine Follow This is so accurate. I have a lot of cats and everytime I see them I am like "hug time!" and I sometimes talk with them, and somehow we understand each other, even if the major concern one of them has is "Have you noticed the hour human? is food time!". But they make good company and make me feel better on my worse days, they know how to brighten my day with their antics.
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    Font - like-wathever Follow I, in a room full of germans, saw a cat and instantly forgot to speak German or English. I just went "Here Kitty , come 'ere kitty kitty" in Romanian and everyone was kinda like "WTF" for a second until they realized "oh, cat". It made sense suddenly. But yes- I can also confirm this: cat comes in → brain goes out.

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