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Tumblr Thread: Actor Doggos' Wagging Tails Ruining Their 'Evil Dog' Movie Shots

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    Mammal - willietheshakes Follow Dogs on TV always look so stiff. Like they're supposed to be just sitting there but you can tell that the dog is like "!!!! Am good boy!!! Am hold position!!! Am look off stage at handler!!! Hi handler!!! Ready your finest treats for the good boy!!!"

    And yet, no matter how much we look at them and wish they could just go and get their snack instantly in that moment, we cannot help but be proud of their accomplishments. They work so hard on these sets, truly have to be the best boys and girls in the world to be patient enough to deal with all those humans. We're proud of them, and yes, they steal the show every single time. 

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    Font - wickedpissahnerd Follow My favorite are dogs who are supposed to be fierce but are so clearly playing at it. Just dubbing in growls can't change that butt-wiggle of "I'm doing THE THING and soon l'll get PRAISE and play with MY TOY" willietheshakes Follow Yes. This too.

    That is something that we love to see even more than them succeeding, honestly, because it just points to how heckin' happy they are. And happy dogs = happy us. The more stories of doggos being too happy on set and ruining shots we read, the more we fall in love with dogs as a whole. 

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    Font - lentilswitheverything Follow In the Lion the Witch and the Wardobe movie (the one with Tilda Swinton, not the BBC one) the wolves all have CGI tails. Because they're actually Malamute or Huskie crosses and wouldn't stop wagging their goddamn tails all the time because they were so excited to be playing with all these nice people on this nice set with their nice handlers just out of shot holding lots of nice sausage.
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    Human body - storytellerluna Follow what did we do to deserve dogs thefingerfuckingfemalefury Follow DOGGOS ARE PURE SOULS
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    Rectangle - stunt-lads Follow the dog in Cujo had to be shot from a certain angle so his tail wagging wouldnt give away he was actually super excited to be there, especially since Saint Bernards wag their tails super high in the air.
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    Rectangle - pattern-53-enfield Follow Or the dogs from the Resident Evil movies who just look like happy boys covered with bacon who know Mila Jovavich would never be mean to them.
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    Font - icantbearsedtothinkofone Follow I'm pretty sure the reason Rotties get docked is that it really takes the threat out of the growling when you can see the tail going like the back end of the dog is readying for takeoff. Which is why I was quite glad of my long coat hiding that as I stood over her, making a show of struggling to hold her back when confronted with group of drunk young lads, in Coventry, late at night. I knew she was going 'PLAY?!' at them, they, thankfully, just saw a lot of
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    Rectangle - derpyslurpy-da-derp-master Follow In Manos The Hands Of Fate (really bad movie only watch via Mystery Science Theater 30000) there's a Doberman that's supposed to be a devil dog but they didn't even train it to act fierce so the villain just walks around with a very good boy who's very happy to be here
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    Product - unfavorableinstigation Follow We were just watching Moonraker and the Vicious Dogs "chasing" the woman through the forest (they were hardly ever in the same frame) were the happiest canines l've seen in awhile.
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    Rectangle - widdlegast Follow watching babies and dogs staring unnaturally with their eyes off to the left of screen because thats where their parent/ handler is is an excellent extra joy in watching anything
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    Font - icantbearsedtothinkofone Follow A fun thing about Rottweilers is that when they're excited, they growl and bark in a way that looks and sounds really threatening (if you can't see their tails). They also have *spectacular* amounts of wag. I have seen a rottie knock a 27" TV to the floor with her tail because she heard a familiar voice on the phone. So l've also had bruises to the backs of my legs from standing astride said rottie so that the group of lads shouting unpleasant things at me
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    Water - myladyfair Follow The dogs in Underworld were too friendly. They just fucking loved running around and playing, so the one scene where they chase Michael off the property is super short because they wouldn't stop wagging their tails and barking happily. Fierce barking had to be edited in later.
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    Rectangle - bubba-san Follow The Devil in I has a dog “attacking" one of the band members (brutal deaths for the band are the theme of that music video), but just looking at it for two seconds I can tell the dog is trying to play with him.
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    Rectangle - lightandwinged Follow My favorite is Ramsay Bolton's death in GoT where the puppies look SO! HAPPY! ABOUT! THEIR! JOBS! And they're supposed to be angry and starving for two weeks but they just look SO!!! PROUD!!! AND!!! HAPPY!!!!
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    Font - blueandbluer Follow I was laughing about this just yesterday! I was watching the TNG ep Dark Page, where Deanna Troi has to visit her mom's subconscious and there was a wolf there growling. They tried to cut the shot tight so you could just see the wolf's snarling face but couldn't quite so the silly pup's tail was still wagging up a storm. So cute.
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    Font - moongalleon22 Follow There's all sorts of interesting Behind The Scenes stuff for the film adaptation of Cujo (about a rabid St Bernard) because they just struggled so much with getting this Goodest Boy to look menacing for more than five milliseconds. 158,486 notes

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