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Giving Thanks To Professional Dogs Hard At Work

  • 1

    "A friendly bomb sniffing pupper at Congress wearing booties to protect his paws from broken glass"

    Dog breed - JOHN THUN లా
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    "Vigo’s business cards came in! I made these to hand out while I’m out and about to answer the most common questions we get. The back has general ADA info about SD team access."

    Finger - I am a Boz Shepherd from Turkey! My handler has a connective tissue disorder that affects her balance. I help her stay on her feet. I am named after Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II I am about 180lbs My name is VIGO Service Dog Balance & Mobility Assistance
  • 3

    "Thank you to all the sniffer dogs and their handlers patrolling Nashville after the bombing."

    Human - hotel MEW PILE
  • 4

    "A Bark Ranger after his swearing-in ceremony at the Petrified Forest National Park"

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  • 5

    "Service dogs day off - just checking social media and doing online shopping. Mom won’t mind extra boxes showing up next week."

    Electronic device - ALAN
  • 6

    "My girlfriends uncle likes to borrow my dog for some moral support and hires him to be a shop dog for a day. I would say he's doing his job so well that he might need a pay raise of a couple more biscuits an hour."

    Dog breed - 8 ACF-625 110V VER REQ PEED G.W 750W 60 H 0-30 MEAS 12 35X29X27CM amps Bissef Sanitaire Sanitaire HEAVY DUTY ENC
  • 7

    "We’ve raised this little sweetheart for a year and tomorrow she’s off to advanced training to become a guide dog. We’ll miss her so much, but I’m so glad she has been in our lives!"

    Dog breed
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  • 8

    "Polly is not sure about the new LGD puppy, Willy"

    Dog breed
  • 9

    "The goodest dump truck driver. I may just give her a 3 belly rubs per hour raise."

    Tire - RA
  • 10

    "i groomed my psd, fedya, for the first time by myself! (the last photo is before!) i’m actually pretty proud of it, and she’s getting good with the clippers!!"

    Dog breed
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  • 11

    "Finn got it in this morning."

  • 12

    "She passed her evaluations earlier this week and is officially a Psychiatric Service Dog in training"

    Dog breed - IN TRAINING
  • 13

    "Therapy Dog in Training"

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  • 14

    "The young learning from the experienced! Mona had her first close contact with cattle today. Still too young to be in the pen, but she worked the fence with me while Dixon loaded them."

  • 15

    "Our service pup (in training) posing for a snowy pic."

    Dog breed - Seringste
  • 16

    "Competing with Hendrix at a sheepdog trial this past summer"

    Human - Belleve HB
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  • 17

    "NYPD (New York Police Dog) on the job in Times Square"

    Dog breed - NY P TRANSIT mask: ur nose and mouth Face coverings a Not qu POLICE PARTMENT Thats DIAZ 17464 bic trane MOA MBN STY OF


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