I Can Has Cheezburger?

Kitten Stuck In A Storm Drain Rescued By Caring Community Members

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    Automotive tire

    "So we have a pretty tight animal community around here. Someone posted that there was a kitten yelling in a storm drain and many folks answered the call. We started with cops, they gave up pretty quick."

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    Tire - HE Y R WE N FIRE C

    "Then firefolks. They realized that their noise was doing more harm than good - so they skedaddled."

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    "We were left with just a basket containing some food and water - and this BADA** neighbor willing to crawl through storm drains to help a kitten."

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    Face - TIMES 28

    "This. Bad. A**. Seriously, this dude crawled through about 30ft of storm drain to get this kitten where we needed it. F*cking hero."

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    "And this is the kitten…"

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    And a very cute kitten this is if we do say so ourselves.

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    It's a boy!

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    "So now we see this when we pee for the next 24 hours - this absurd cutie staring at us. We've got a foster lined up already but we had some hard discussions tonight around taking on a fourth cat."


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