I Can Has Cheezburger?

Concerned Owner Looks For Lost Cat And Finds It In Funny Encounter

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    Font - Josh Fruhlinger @jfruh ... this is probably an internet transgression of some sort but i'm a FB group for naughty cats called "this cat is INNOCENT of all charges" and someone just posted what may be the funniest cat pic i've ever seen
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    Photograph - Have you seen Tinks? Last seen 8:30am Thurs July 8th 6:13 AM - Jul 9, 2021 - Twitter Web App after following us to school. ed 21.7K Retweets 394 Quote Tweets 139.4K Likes

    We can only imagine the terror that this person must have gone through. We know what it is like to have your cat run away, we know the absolute grief that can take over you. Putting up posters is a last resort, something that you know will most likely not work but you do anyway because you're hopeful. So, to have the cat stroll up like this... 

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    Rectangle - Josh Fruhlinger @jfruh ... Replying to @jfruh think they can tell tinks what to do and where to go 6:14 AM Jul 9, 2021 Twitter Web App 117 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 6,655 Likes
    Exactly, having the cat just show up in front of this person's face, screaming and making faces as if everything is perfectly normal and it did not give anyone heart attacks is just rude at this point. Yes, we respect this cat's freedom, but come on, leave a note next time at least. 
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    Font - Josh Fruhlinger @jfruh Replying to @jfruh (for the record, the pic was taken by tinks' owner after he had been gone for 12 hours, he strutted up to the house right as she was starting to hand out flyers) 6:25 AM - Jul 9, 2021 - Twitter Web App 185 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 6,314 Likes
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    Product - lan Rennie @theangelremiel Replying to @jfruh and @geeoharee strong Professor Jiggly energy PROFESSOR JIGGLY is loose in Cat Raom 12:31 PM Jul 9, 2021 TweetDeck 5,524 Likes 15 Quote Tweets 347 Retweets
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    Organism - Mehmet Berker ... @mehmetikberker Replying to @jfruh lol I just shared it with my mom 2 People > Have you seen Tinks? Mom That's great. Did you find the cat? It's from the internet 6:23 AM - Jul 9, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 1,531 Likes
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    Cat - Jean Sébastien Lévesque @jslevek ... Replying to @jfruh and @BartenderHemry MISSING 6:37 AM Jul 9, 2021 · Twitter for Android 342 Retweets 7Quote Tweets 4,765 Likes
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    Smile - Decadent Sheep @jerkheadface ... Replying to @jslevek @jfruh and @BartenderHemry 3:37 PM Jul 9, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 9 Retweets 1,100 Likes
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    Vertebrate - Charles Charting ... @Charles1Chart Replying to @jfruh and @commiegirl1 Reminds me of the old cat found poster I saw online like a decade ago. CAT FOUND!I LIGHT TAN W/ BLACK nd GREY FE- - MALE NOT VERY FRIENDLY, I THINK SHE MIGHT BE SCARED NOT HouSE BROKEN EITHER O FOUND ON 75™ - IF SHE'S YoUes, CALL DAN 784L E - NO COLLAR
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    Font - Banana Bread E @BananaB46152616 ... Replying to @jfruh Years ago I had a cat that vanished one night during heavy snow. Often he would go out for a couple days but because of the weather we were really worried. We put up posters and everything. A month later he strolled in the cat flap one morning and yelled at me for food 7:54 PM Jul 9, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Dog - Holly Hawthorne @hollyxhawthorne ... Replying to @jfruh same energy PLEASE HELP LOST DOG A VERY FRENDLY AND LOVING DOG LAST SEEN IN MT HOUSE PLEASE TEXT ON CALL 123456789 587054321 0OGS KISSES REWARD BE GIVEN 8:21 PM Jul 9, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 92 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 1,255 Likes
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    Cat - Tom Baker ... @not_drwho Replying to @jfruh HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAT? CAUSE HE IS FUCKING AWESOME! HE'S NOT LOST OR ANYTHING, JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD SEE HIM. WeKnowMemes 8:16 PM · Jul 9, 2021 - Twitter for iPad 82 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 1,092 Likes
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    Bird - ... Alistair Robertson @alistair1403 Replying to @jfruh and @gavmacn CAT FOUND • black with white patches • very aggressive (i think he is scared) • not house trained • no collar or name tag • found in my back garden if this is your cat please call

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