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Studious And Sleepy Cats Curling Up With Books For A Snooze (Twitter Thread)

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    Cat - em ... @DIORSBABY cats sleeping on books for the tl 8:22 PM Jul 9, 2021 · Twitter for Android 26K Retweets 570 Quote Tweets 72.8K Likes

    Where it all started, just a few sleepy cats enjoying a snooze among piles of books after a long day of being cats. It ain't easy being this cute, but someone has got to do it. Clearly, being a cat is a very exhausting endeavor.

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    Cat - Mich_MHA @Mich_MHA ... Replying to @DIORSBABY And this specific book ironically translates to "Don't touch the cat" in Italian! 3 NON T0CCARERGATTO
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    Vertebrate - Lizzy Ring ... @lizzy_ring Replying to @DIORSBABY Oscar sleeping on "The Secret History" baby angel

    Oscar is a smart cat. He enjoys a nice power nap as well as a 90's romance novel. We get it, we can relate. You are one cool cat, Oscar. 

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    Cat - Хехelle V DAY EVERYDAY @ellexA_D Replying to @DIORSBABY I add mine too ADEMIA HOKO AKEAMR

    This kitty prefers a graphic novel to keep his attention engaged and focused. Looks like he could not quite make it to the end before he knocked out, though.

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    Cat - Pratibha Menon *.. @PratibhaMenon6 Replying to @DIORSBABY and @darthdevi Adding mine :)
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    Cat - Santi @mixato44 ... Replying to @DIORSBABY Libreria Acqua alta , Venecia Translate Tweet BRIA CALTA DORE
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    Picture frame - sarışın bomba leyla @bottlepopper Replying to @DIORSBABY from istanbul :) Meg Turke SINAN Tray DESE Silk Roads OTE
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    Cat - elizabeth @thasminpotts Replying to @DIORSBABY and @AstraStrella may I contribute my boys when they were babies KING BAT JIAN RULE OF FOUR KOKO Tou Claney Teeth z MICKLEL
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    Cat - V DAY EVERYDAY Xexelle @ellexA_D Replying to @DIORSBABY I add mine too MY ADEMIA HOKO AK
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    Cat - Chadidscha @Chadidscha1 Replying to @DIORSBABY Learning Portuguese while sleeping. heidts ARA
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    Cat - psychedelichead @birikiucbakim Replying to @DIORSBABY and @ldrfkk cats are everywhere! Bomonti, İstanbul TEX asamiar Sirin kadmea VE KOMUNIST Nedim Garsel ANBU VZ RH FONG TAN MELEK
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    Photograph - pua @Nycticebws Replying to @DIORSBABY He studied so hard too
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    Cat - NitroJen_RC1990 @Nitro Jen1990 Replying to @DIORSBABY This cat still sleeps on the same spot I saw it on Istiklal Taksim last week CAV

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