Snarkiest Memes In Response To England Losing Euro 2020 To Italy

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    Clothing - England fans: Booing opponent, vandalising stadium Italy fans: STOP PUTTING FINEAPPLE ON PIZZA

    If were all being honest here, these were the real topics that came between Italy and England. SUre, sports are important too, but nothing is more important to Italians than their food. Prove us wrong.

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    Eyebrow - SI Sports Illustrated @SInow bring it home #EURO2020 9:57 PM Jul 11, 2021 451

    Oof this one must have hurt coming from Sports Illustrated. Hey, it's good to have some humor about this. There was a 50/50 chance of it coming home, so the chants were nice in theory.

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    Forehead - anthony @lceCreamTony Replying to @EURO2020 and @azzurri England rn trying so hard not to cry rn 10:00 PM · Jul 11, 2021 7
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    Font - Ender Gelişen Osasuna Atakları @gelisen_ender Replying to @EURO2020 and @azzurri Watching England lose isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. It's art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one, it's everything you ever wanted, it's everything you need. 10:09 PM Jul 11, 2021 O 56
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    Product - امیرول شافیق @AmirulSyaffiq Replying to @EURO2020 and @azzurri Please keep this English fan in your prayers and thoughts rt's coming home 2020 10:26 PM · Jul 11, 2021 O 221
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    Product - #BLMX @pacifica_xxx Boris is fuming right now and is probably thinking about putting us back in lockdown sigh #itsnotcominghome 10:52 PM · Jul 11, 2021 O 1.3K
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    Shorts - When you walk away from your laptop and forget that your headphones are still plugged in
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    Facial expression - ITALY WON ENGLAND LOST
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    Glasses - Italy in the first half of the game Italy in the second half of game
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    Line - Mike Moriarty @Tomdincan Replying to @drewmagary It'S COMING HOME. NO IT ISNT 9:57 PM Jul 11, 2021 12
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    Sky - Andreea @Infinite TextLib we have a winner!!!! #EuroCup2021 GIF 9:56 PM Jul 11, 2021 53
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    Sky - Rest of Europe roasting England Americans Haha yes, Tea people bad.
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    Forehead - Frank Pallotta @frankpallotta You: "It's coming home." Me: 9:42 PM · Jul 7, 2021 39


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