I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (21 Images)

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    "He's been at the shelter for 3 months. We have no idea why. This is 3 hours after he came to his forever home. Best $5 ever spent!"

    Window - LOW-E
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  • 2

    "Do animals find their person?"

    Cat - ANS

    "Do animals find their person? Little back story I am somewhat lonely I have three daughters an have bred divorced for five years. I went out to smoke an this lil sweetheart came an got in my lap. It was so random an I myself think she was put on this earth for me an her. Yes this is Loki !"

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    "Waited 30+ years for my first puppy. Meet Tilly!"

  • 4

    "This is Hera..."


    "This is Hera. She was on a 6 ft chain for four years until my husband and I gave her a new home. Now, she sleeps on the couch- a perfect ending for such a brave girl."

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    "Dumped at a shelter after 18 years because his family "didn't want cat hair anymore," now he lives in our sanctuary. Welcome, Pumpkin!"

  • 6

    "Our new handsome boy, Hank."

    Dog - ea LRE Situte
  • 7

    "I didn't expect to be a dad again, but I couldn't say no to this face! Meet Lumi"

    Cat - OW
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  • 8

    "We decided to keep him"

  • 9

    "My new baby needs a name, my kids want fat cat I'm trying to think of other options"

  • 10

    "Adopted this little girl today, any name ideas?"

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  • 11

    "This guy became a new member of the family today! Help me to choose the right name for him"

  • 12

    "I might have accidentally adopted a seal…"

  • 13

    "Just Adopted This Little Peanut"

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  • 14

    "we went to the shelter today to look for our first kitten, and ended up walking out with this 9 year old pretty lady"

  • 15

    "Just broke this little baby out of the humane society! My first cat, name suggestions for him are appreciated :)"

  • 16

    "I need a name for this 2.5 year old floofball girl I adopted from the shelter today!!! (Funny names preferred)"

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  • 17

    "I'm a foster home for orphaned kittens. I've raised 12 kittens and gave them up for adoption. This is my first foster fail. Welcome home, Midna."

  • 18

    "Just got this little guy! What should I name him?"

  • 19

    "Help me name my new kitten! He’s a boy(:"

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  • 20

    "Unfathomable to me that someone got a quarantine cat and dropped him off at the Atlanta Humane Society two weeks ago, but lucky for me— now Pierogi is happy in his forever home!"

  • 21

    "My very first kitten. Meet Gustopher aka Gus!"


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