Texts That Probably Didn’t Need To Be Sent, But Oops Oh Well

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    Product - Kel wha T"ink we should see ther people Read 1:54 PM are you being fr what the fuck is with tñe confetti

    The confetti fucntion was definitely used intentionally here, and we can't help but admit it's super hilarious. Hurtful maybe, but pretty darn hilarious regardless.

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    Font - Im here to shoot my shot cause you said so :)) i know i said im desperate but im not THAT desperate lol oh my bad yeah it is Imao

    Oops, I guess they're not THAT desperate. This one definitely seems like it stung a little. Sometimes it's important to be direct though and this person is definitely direct.

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    Font - (720) Message Aug 5, 2019, 1:51 PM Hey Camryn! It's Cole, we spoke at the bar last night and you gave me your number O Hey sorry dude this isn't Camryn. She was either drunk or just gave you the wrong number Damn, that hurts Nov 12, 2020, 3:03 PM Hey it's Camryn from the group project, did you add a bibliography?
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    Sky - 12:38 AM Do you feel anything for me? I feel sorry for you. :: Aa
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    Font - Jul 26, 2020 4:23 PM u like me as friend or more? Jul 27, 2020 9:25 AM More Jul 27, 2020 9:54 AM same Jul 27, 2020 10:00 AM My brother was on my acc i like u as a friend Jul 27, 2020 10:19 AM my sis was on xd i like u as friend so kinda same acident Say something
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    Font - E LILY TRIED TO CALL YOU. ME Oh sorry didn't get to pick up. Lemme call you back LILY No that was an accident. I don't wanna call you
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    Sky - Ayo ain't u going on a date with that girl from algebra Tomorrow? yeah why Delivered Bro.. look what she posted on her private snap SOS will someone have a fake bday dinner w me tomorrow night so i can get out of going on a date? thx.
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    Font - MS melanie Message Great movie recommendation btw haha yeah glad i could help! Anyways this is kinda weird but I think you're really cool. You wanna hang out soon? CA Connor Message Today 10:30 PM Great movie recommendation btw haha yeah glad i could help! Anyways this is kinda weird but I think you're really cool. You wanna hang out soon? LMAO MY GREATEST FEAR CAME TRUE ??? Oh my god. Connor I am so sorry
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    Hair - are you still crazy about me? ME HOW ABOUT NO
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    Product - iMessage Today 9:25 AM I sill love you. I never stopped. Today 10:49 AM i can't imagine a worse occasion to have to ask this but um who is this Delivered
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    Product - .ll Metro by T-Mob... LTE 10:24 PM 9 8% 4 178 Yeah im mad too Today 12:26 PM Facts Today 10:20 PM Yo they just banned all travel from Europe I know its crazy look so I feel like the world is ending and I don't wanna be without u if it does so can we try again? Delivered Ok no like im scared too but i would rather sneak into quarantine and fuck everyone in there than get back together iMessage Pay
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    Font - Hype for our dinner date Dinner date? Aren't we inviting other people We're inviting other people right Just texted my friend she's coming too Invite someone you know Dinner hangout Hahahaha alright
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    Font - Today 8:53 AM Hi Hi Say Eight 8 Will you be my soulmate.?? O Say four Four You can't reply to this conversation. Learn More
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    Screenshot - hey dan, I had a great time tonight and thank you for covering the tickets and dinner. i really think you're a great guy but i don't think we'll have a second date. i wish you the best of luck! Yeah that's totally fine. I understand. Could I maybe ask why or what changed your mind? so I checked your astrology chart on Snapchat and saw that you're an aquarius. i haven't really had the best of relationships with them and in the past it's all ended in pain and me being more hurt than b

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